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    Dear friend... Just stopping by to say hello and hope you are having an uplifting day today.. I hope you got a chance to reflect on " Footprints " and then you will see you are never alone !! God is with us all the time and can help us through any situation if we just give it to Him and trust in Him..God bless you and much love from friend in Va...

    June 6, 2009
    12:07 PM
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    My dear friend in Christ..I'm sad to hear you are going through a lonely phase in your life..You don't need to be for none of us are ever truly alone...God is with us every second of our lives and we never walk alone !! When I start feeling the least bit lonely I pick up my Bible and start reading.. Then I realize I am not alone and don't need to feel lonely !! Read "Footprints" when you get down and it will lift you up...My daughter loved that and it was placed beside her in the casket and was buried with her...So dear friend..know that you are not alone !! Much love from friend in Va...

    June 4, 2009
    8:06 AM
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    Stick with me Lisa...we are going to work on that lonely part of your description. You don't have to be lonely anymore... After you add me as a friend I will give you my email address. God Bless, love and peace, Kelly

    May 16, 2009
    9:36 AM
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