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    THE BANQUET The Word of God sustains and nourishes me. It is pure and life-giving water that quenches my thirst, and yet I thirst for more. It is bread that satisfies and eases my hunger, and yet I hunger for more. It is milk for my bones, the structure and foundation of my body. It keeps me stable and helps me to stand. It is plentiful produce, adding richness and color to my diet. It improves my vision, and sharpens my senses. It is the choicest of meat, filled with protein, giving me strength and endurance to accomplish my tasks. It is fish in abundance, food for thought, challenging my mind, helping me to learn and to grow. It is fine wine, enriching my blood, lifting my spirits and comforting my sorrows. It is a rich and delicious dessert. So sweet. So rewarding. For so many years I was a spiritual anorexic. I starved myself, and did not partake of this great banquet the Lord has prepared for me. But my Father has called me back to His table once again. And now I can never get too much. May I ever hunger and thirst for my God. May I never refrain from the Feast of His Word.

    November 25, 2009
    9:47 AM
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