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    Sorceress of Help
    Spiritual Mood: optimistic
    Status: How can I the Sorceress Help You?
    Faith: Buddhist

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    I know that there are a lot People who do not know enough about what a Sorceress is. So In some Articles there will be explainations of all the different types of Talents, and Crafts that I do that help People to unravel the many problems that happen when rivals, and jeleous People do terrible things by Castings to one another, and what they are. I am known for getting off Castings, which Curses, Hexses, Jixses, and Spells, etc are known as. Though I am also a Ghost Wisperor, and can see, and hear, and talk for the Ghost, as a Medium. I also can explain what is on the Other Side for those in the Public who do not know how, or why to cross over right away after the've died. For I can remember what is there from my last reincarnation back to here in the Solid Realm. So that that People know where to go, to make reservations for their next reincarnation. I can tell anyone How, and Where to go to do that, and many more places to find Help once you get to the Spirit Realm.

    March 13, 2010
    3:50 PM
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