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    "Nearness is likeness." - 'Abdu'l-Bahá
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  • "Anybody can be happy in the state of comfort, ease, health, success, pleasure and joy; but if one will be happy and contented in the ... more
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    Hi I just left a post in the Baha'i forum on knowledge and love for God and would like your thoughts I hope you are well!

    September 8, 2012
    12:05 AM
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    Hi Lilwabbit, I posted a message to you in the Hatcher discussion but you may not be active there right now. Please have a glance at this message. I am an Australian believer since Naw-Ruz 1957. I think I have a way to deliver an accessible version of William Hatcher's logic using my QirQle webpage generator to create web-based, intensely interactive dialogues. But I am just a software designer, not a logician, so need collaboration. I hope you may email me at Many thanks, Allah-u-Abha Dr David Podger

    August 4, 2012
    7:32 AM
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    I am an Australian believer, having declared at Naw-Ruz 1957. My ID is 6833 and my name is Dr David Podger. My nearest relative to you is my daughter Shirin Sabri who teaches at the Townshend School, Hluboka, Czech Republic. I am a software designer and write 'dialogues', that is, interactions with visitors to my website using QirQle, an authoring environment I have created. I have been studying the works of the late William Hatcher and see a way to express his proof of God's existence as an interactive dialogue. My email address is I am very interested to be in touch with a Baha'i philosopher like yourself who has studied Hatcher and appreciated his work.

    August 4, 2012
    12:44 AM
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