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    Hello Everyone:
    ARE YOU UNDER TOO MUCH STRESS TO WASTE TIME READING THIS MESSAGE? This modern world of ours has us multi-tasking more than ever before. When you feel that you are failing at achievements that are important to you, you will feel stress.
    Tell me about an achievement that fits into the above category and I, or another member of this group, will give you the best advice that we have to offer.
    I have written a self-published book that I entitled, --- The Human Mind. In it I postulate that understanding fear equals understanding human behavior. I can probably help you but if I cannot, I'll tell you so.
    Why is humor so important to mental health? Because when you are laughing, most of the time you are giving the unwritten message that you enjoy life. Of course if your laughter is at the expense of someone else, that is an entirely different situation all together.
    Here is a story that illustrates how important humor is.
    A man went to see a psychiatrist and after about 7 or 8 visits the Psychiatrist said: "I've tried everything I know to try to help you but nothing seems to be working.
    I've got a ticket to the circus that is in town right now and my wife wants me to take her to the Opera tonight. So I'm going to give the ticket to you. I want you to go there and pay particular attention to the clown in the center ring.
    Whenever I am feeling down or depressed, I go to see him and he is so ridiculous that I start laughing and the next thing I know I am not depressed or down anymore."
    "That sounds like a great idea said the patient, except for one thing, --- I'm the clown."
    Sign up and let's explore this subject together. You have nothing to lose except a large chunk of the stress that is weighing you down.
    Your Stress moderator, Les Stress. :-) Or you can call me by my real name: --- Steve Adams.

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    You've certainly raised a good point about laughter and its value. In general, (there are exceptions to this and I suppose every rule or belief), laughter can mean that you are enjoying life and since that is a positive statement, it helps your general attitude. I view the modern use of neuroleptics, (prozac etc.)as temporary help for those who cannot find a way to reduce their stress. A rather interesting phenomena before the discovery of these drugs was the fact that some people who were considered to be mentally ill, would laugh continuously with no apparent reason for their laughter. From the prospective of my understanding of fear, it follows that these people were actually trying to self-medicate themselves out of the stress that no one was able to help them with. Kind of like a baby crying for milk in a forest where no one can hear him or her.

    April 14, 2010
    6:54 PM
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    Stephen . . . I agree with you that fear is an important emotion and underlies all organized religion, politics and culture in general. With respect to laughter, it makes you wonder why our gods don't laugh. The only god that laughs is Buddha but the western deities, are stern, threatening and anal. Maybe they had a bad childhood

    April 13, 2010
    9:20 AM
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    This Group setting is not unfolding as I envisioned that it would. I sent out numerous personal invitations to individuals asking them to join this Group. Thus far only Dutch777 has done so. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for doing so. Firstly, because I respect his intellect and secondly, because he has fulfilled a specific psychological necessity for me. Namely, people in general are reluctant to be the first to do something. They feel more at ease if they know that others have led the way. I have spent most of my life in the above category, but I am changing rapidly in my senior years. I have also sent open invitations to the Discuss Catholicism and Discuss Atheism boards. Rather than come over here to join this Group, both of those boards have engaged in lively discussions about the subject of stress on their own specific boards. Should I then slink away in despair at the apparent failure of this Group setting? Absolutely not!! My motivation for starting this Group was to engage people in discussions about this most important topic (stress). In my opening statement, I said that all members of the Group, including myself, would offer advice to each other. Let the chips fall where they may. There are thousands of books on this subject written by authors with letters attached to their names. If I cannot prove that I have some ideas that are of deeper value in this field, that have not been explored sufficiently thus far, then, --- let this Group setting whither and die. Here are the two areas that will allow you to explore the ideas about stress that are being discussed on those sites rather than in this Group setting. Discuss Catholicism --- and then choose the new topic site called, --- Less Stress Discuss Atheism --- and then choose the new topic site called, --- Less Stress I say that the human race has a distorted fear of the truth that must be gradually reduced. I say that my fear of the truth is much less than it is for many people. Here is your chance to prove that I am wrong. Do yourself a favor, as well as myself, --- get involved. Choose where you want to start, on this site or elsewhere, but this topic is far too important to avoid. Let’s make it happen.

    March 26, 2010
    12:58 PM
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    Hello Dutch: I am all stressed out. Just to prove what I was saying about uncertainty is true, I don't know what the word "arhant" means. I'll find me a dictionary and overcome that uncertainty and viola, there goes the made up stress that I pretended that I have.

    March 24, 2010
    12:38 PM
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