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    Helping others by what "WE" do

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 4:23 PM [General]


    I’m Leo Bowers a musician/recording artist. Although I’m not as well known as my more advertised comrades at musical arms I’m just as effective in my art form. The fact that you may not know me only goes to say that I’m not in the commercial lime light. That being the case it’s fair to assume that I’m every bit as much a human being as my well known artistic brethren and sisters too for that matter! Chances are I do have something to offer you every bit as significant as those musicians and song writers who are backed and advertised by the major players and big money folks! They have a larger share of the market only because they have more investment dollars pushing and backing their music producers and musical products. I would like to take this opportunity of making my musical compositions available to as much of the public as I can and with it make possible the opportunity for you to help me to help others at the same time. No one person can help everyone in need all over the world, but many of us have the opportunity to reach out and help individual groups who are struggling to survive, educate and trying with all they have in themselves to make a better life especially for our children of the world. When it becomes obvious that our brothers and sisters of the world are tying to help themselves and children despite running into obstacles that continuously try to keep them down I feel an obligation to help especially when I understand the progress that is being made at the cost and personal sacrifice of those actively involved in a remedy that’s working hard but sure.

    These are the children of St. Mary’s in Maheshwaram, Andhra Pradesh.

    Our children here in the United States really are well off compared to most Countries of the world. These children are grateful for what little they receive as are their staff members and the way that it shows the most is through their gratitude in making the best use of what they receive without making demands or presuming that the world owes them anything. This kind of gratitude fosters true admiration. The funds the staff use to make this environment possible for these children are very limited and minimal, but they use what they have to the best of their abilities to uplift the human condition by educating, physically feeding and emotionally nourishing these children who without them would be left to the mercy of much less. So in essence even a little more with direction, supervision and care can do so much to change a childs negative self image into a positive one harboring hope for a brighter future. For every digital download of either a song of choice or the full album download 50% of ROI will be forwarded to St. Mary's in Maheshwaram, Andhra Pradesh to help with their continued education as well as the ability to aid others waiting in line to get the benifits St. Mary's longs to provide.

    The Staff at St. Mary's

    I can recall going to school at around age 6 in Vernois France in 1960 when France was relatively poor especially in the villages like the one in which we lived. Lunch was a bowl of mashed potatoes and a bowl of water to drink. There had to be 150 kids in the lunch room but no one complained about the lunch in fact as I remember it they were all pretty grateful. I was the only American kid in the school and I remember quite vividly. I can only imagine the stress factor placed on the staff to make ends meet with less than the minimum requirements. But then too I'm an American just meeting our poverty guidelines and working with minimal equipment to get a product out to listeners! The dilemma’s I may encounter from time to time would be considered a blessing to many the world over! Knowing this makes it a blessing to me to be able to even write you these words this day.

    Teaching Staff

    I'm a middle aged musician/artist who has a family here in the U.S. with bills to pay just like 90% of my fellow American families, but you must admit God is looking out and I believe he uses our eyes to look out as well. My music is what I have to offer you and in fact I make it available in other arena's free for anyone who wants it, but for those of you who feel the need to help someone else every now and then you may choose to use this method. Not only will you get something tangible for your money you will also have the knowledge that you are helping others in need. Thank you for your support in advance and afterward as well!

    In behalf of St. Mary's in Maheshwaram, Andhra Pradesh... Thank you, Leo Bowers My site downloads CD baby Downloads or Hardcopies ReverbNation Downloads or Hardcopies Kunaki Hardcopies

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