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  • I have been having a dream. I had a few times even  before I started reading the bible.  Usually the last couple of time the dream ... more
  • I don't if anyone remember how I said my path might take me some where other then the path of oneness.    I think God was showing me the ... more
  • I am looking forward to something.   I don't know what it is yet.  Well I have hope for one but I odds are high that it is not going to ... more

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    Let Hope Transform Your Life

    January 19, 2009
    12:30 PM
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    Christian Glitter by

    November 27, 2008
    12:50 AM
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    I just wanted to share that a brand NEW Artist's Way journey based on the book by Julia Cameron will begin on Thursday June 19, 2008 and I thought it would be wonderful if like minded Beliefnet members would come join the fun since as we know the Artist's Way is A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. It's located at

    June 5, 2008
    11:40 PM
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