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    Thursday, December 27, 2007, 3:31 PM [General]



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    Sunday, December 9, 2007, 12:37 PM [General]

    decided Norma is right and I need to have a plan so am doing it this way so I can be held more accountable to me.WinkHere is what is done now-

    The den-except for the few changes as I put boxes to take in along with books and computer stuff seperated so the kids, Linda etc can go thru.  Because I also use the phone and computer in here things can get a little ungaphufen but it is basically done.

    The living room-altho I use it for things and have boxes to look thru when I am done with the main floor for getting things gone/thrown out-it mainly has things I have seperated and am done with.  Since it is towards the front am neatly putting trash there as well.

    NEXT=the hallway that goes from the living room to back bedroom.-TODAY:Sunday, Dec 9 2007.SealedLaura

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    New Stuff Going On

    Thursday, December 6, 2007, 2:11 PM [General]

    SmileAltho have been feeling blah at times lately some good hings have occured.  Some big for me some little.  Little but important is that I now have the stuff to put out so the ice might melt-a small thing usually but not when you do not have the ability to get it and get it into your house.  Lowes 50 lbs for $5 was great but had not a way to get it in till got help thru Catholic Charities.

    Met the gal who is going to take me to Silver Sneakers at the Channukah party yesterday.  Did not realize her name but have seen her a few times!

    Heard from the bank's lawyer that they had goofed and seem OK there. Feel better about getting ready to go.  Am starting up with my PT again so that should help.  And it looks like it wont be too long before Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security get things done so I have the ability to get all my meds and make payments like I should have been able to from October and it is now December. These are plus things I must keep in mind.


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    December already

    Monday, December 3, 2007, 12:53 PM [General]

    Smile Monday Nov 3, 2007

    Hope this turns out to be a good day.  Got a call Nathan has a temp but thinks he is well and very very busy.  Norma is home with him-they were going to take him to the pediatrition later today but it seems like they will just say he will be OK so he misses daycare today.  Norma is missing work and Nathan is so energetic she cant do any work.  Maybe if he naps!

     The roads are bad arround here so will be taken grocery shopping late Tues after Silver Sneaker range of motion.  Can not wait for that as it is my first time.  Want to do as much as posssible today and hope I am OK-call and get apps for Worcester public housing and Waltham public housing-need all the places I can.  Then I want to do the hallway pain kept me from over the weekend.  That should keep me busy.  Baby steps!  O yes and get those papers together and go back to physical therapy daily.  Wed. should be able to go to Channukah party at JCC meal site and Friday will go to regular meal and not go shopping for gifts or anything at the mall early so hope Catholic Charties picks me up.Wink

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    Sunday, November 18, 2007, 1:46 PM [General]

    There are many Channukah (Hannukah or Hannukkah) memories that I have.  The best ones were when my daughters were little and going to Sunday school.  They made their own menorahs there.  It was a little like a fairy tale when night came.

    There would be my late husband, Sy with our big menorah, then Benita, the oldest with her middle size menorah, last would be little Norma with her little menorah.  While Sy lit and prayed I helped them light the candles and then they would say the prayers with Daddy.

    Afterwards we might drive to Grandma's in Amsterdam, New York from Schenectady were we lived.  Or we would just stay home.  There was always a nice meal for the first night and sometimes the last night.  The meal would be meat, potato latkes at least once during the holiday, and other goodies.  After dinner we might play with the driedel or not. 

     Often the girls would sing Channukah songs.  There was a gift of some sort for each day and big gifts for the whole holiday. 

    When there were parties at the shul for the children we would be sure to attend were we all had a delightful time.

    One year the girls, Sy and I made cookies with molds bought from the shul store for the holiday.

    Often we had friends from Amsterdam, NY who were spending their holidays as well.  We would visit and presents might be exchanged.  At this time Grandma would come with us on these visits to friends and family.  It was a memorable time because they soon had to end. This had been a big tradition for my husband and his family since he was a little boy, but these last years stood out for me.

    Grandma's health got bad, friends and family moved or had their own problems that made the tradition of visiting end.

    The girls are grown and married now with children and traditions of their own.  Both Grandma and Sy are with Hashem now.  I see my grandchildren  for their birthdays in January, February and March so usually after I see them at Thanksgiving there is a lull in visits.  They do talk to Grandma on the phone and Grandma does see their lovely gifs when she come to visit.  Now ofcourse the Grandma is me.

    Laura Mushkat

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