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    Hey LatinLady My profile name is Godsprecious but my birth name is Shereika. I read only the last two entries that you have posted here and my heart goes out to you I have been in simular events but not the exact ones you speak about so I dont know how you feel but I can relate and try to understand. I believe I hve a whole lot of helpful Journal entry on my profile it may help I went thru a life season of emptyness dryness felt as there was no one for me or even understood me but I contact you today to say dont give up your on the right path your seeking so I pray over you that as you seek you would find understand and recieve truth of who you are and how beautiful you are and how much God love you and how he has greater plans for you in this Life I pray that he will enter your heart in a way you would never foreget I pray as he unravel the things he has for you, you are patient to see them all through.

    God's Precious
    November 9, 2009
    1:52 PM
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    Thank you for adding me on as one of your friends, for I believe it a sign of the Lord that we came into contact. I have this weird feeling that for as much as I want or am trying to help you, I am helping myself. I also went through a bad breakup, which whom I felt was my soul mate. I went so far as to almost give up completely. I still pray and think of her often, especially her son who I thought of as my own. Yet, it was not meant to be, and life goes on after over a year. I still struggle, for I am still afraid to start up another relationship. On a lighter note, I am a GRAND UNCLE from my Godson Joshua, and her name is Lylah. Born on this glorious day of the Lord at 7:45, weighing 6 lbs. 15oz. Blessed by the miracles of the Lord, may she as you be blessed and guided through the Lord's path in life. God Bless you Jacqueline. Your friend always, Eusebio.

    November 1, 2009
    1:02 PM
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    Hi, My name is denise and i read your profile and understood your goals. Just wanted to be available to you if you need to talk about anything. I'm 53, a bit older than you, but i've been there and i know God is there. So i am here and tonight i will talk to God about your heart's desire and see what he thinks. Latinlady you are now my little sister in faith.

    October 31, 2009
    3:06 AM
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    Hi Diva(Latinlady), I truly want you to know you are never alone especially when God put strong positive christian women in your life that can be of some assistance to you.Keep your head held high honey,cause you belong to somebody.he's never left you and will never leave you nor forsake on him he's waiting for YOU...if you haven't read this book:The Purpose Driven Life...get it!!! it's very positive book and will help in more ways than read one chpt. a day for 40 days and watch how God transform you...YOU'LL LOVE IT.. TAKE CARE Sobeautiful

    October 30, 2009
    1:38 PM
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    Trust in God and pray for stability in your life and be content. Then pray for your Christian man. God knows your heart. Let Him work in your life. In Christ, Mechelle

    October 30, 2009
    2:29 AM
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    That's funny because tonight I had to help my 10yr old son with simple, compound, and complex sentences. I can't remember any of this stuff! I feel like i'm learning all of this for the first time, when's the last time you actually read something and said "oh they're using a complex sentence"? Haha. When it comes to Math, I feel your pain. It's one thing to do the math, but trying to explain the process is awful. I feel your pain Latinlady and you are far from alone. Hang in there!!

    October 30, 2009
    12:54 AM
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