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    I simply was drawn to you also being a "lara" but liked and felt kindred to what you sai about your beliefs. Would like to learn and share more. Read my blogs and let me know what you think. Thanks. Many blessings to you

    October 16, 2008
    12:55 AM
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    September 27, 2008
    6:17 AM
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    Greeting to you in the matchless name of Lord saviour Jesus Christ. We are happy to hear from you such a kind words and praise God for enableing us his love through you. May we know your prayer requests all our prayer warriors in Grace Children's Orphanage and All the orphan children & widows will pray for you & your work. All our orphans and widows our staff join us in sending you greetings and look forward to receive your love and affection. Your Brother in Christ Emmanuel Nethala

    August 9, 2008
    4:58 PM
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