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    Giving Thanks for the Gifts

    Wednesday, November 27, 2013, 8:17 PM [General]

    They say in ancient times in the heart of man there is two wolves; One a wolf of hate, vengeance and jealousy towards others, but the other wolf is of love, kindness and understanding in others, which do you place first to honor the Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth (see this word HEART in earth). Wait our work is not done yet, we must seek the heart we nurture most to know who we are in the path we place our foot upon.
    Seeking Christ through LOVE!

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    Giving Thanks to our Lord Jesus in the Holy Spirit and the will of God

    Friday, February 25, 2011, 10:46 PM [General]

    I give praise and thanks in the blessings of the Holy Spirit,

    My message I send to the world in sharing my true story, resulting in the birth of my first book "The Third Testament", is helping me heal my shatter heart, as the words of thanks and love is shared with others, helping family, friends and loved ones, around the world. The power of the Holy Spirit helps us to understand why the revelations in man, to help fellow man as Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God laid his life and took unto himself the sins of the world and those who walk with him must do the same. 

    In the power of the Holy Spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in the will of God, join me in a moment of silence to help all mankind.

    Jesus had one commandment: To love one another as he loved us.

    Thanks be to God, Amen

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    The Third Testament, based on a true story

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 1:25 AM [General]


    In a place of ancient tales and stories spoken by people of the past a true light in a divine intervention of the power in the Holy Spirit took place. This is a short summary from a part of my life and how the birth of this book took flight over the years.

    This true story continues to unfold as time travels through the years. We are now beyond the turn of the century, the year 2000;the first decade is coming to an end as the shocking truth reveals a mystery from the past. A life exposed to derision of lost justice, mercy, and good faith in an invasion of evildoers, murderers, and liars, all seeking to devour what is of God in the life of man. As her visions continue in her journey through life, she discovers many issues about her life in this world but also visions from beyond this world in a life in God’s kingdom of heaven.


     Visit my web site:

    God is coming to reconcile himself with man, even the most retched, do not shut the door on his face. Jesus Christ our savior spoke these words when he walked this earth a man.

    Share your thoughts and ideas and contribute to the helping hands in the world to a true salvation in life we all learn at the beat of our own hearts.


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