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    Hello ladydid, First of all I want to say thank you for wanting to be friends on this site. I will be glad to be your friend. I understand your feelings very much. A few years ago I went through the loss of my mother. We were very close and her loss was taken very hard by me . My father was already deceased, but I have 2 children that are married with kids of their own, so family needs in loss were there also. I was separated from my husband when she passed away and that made it extra hard as well. He came to the funeral even when he was seeing another woman and it made me especially uncomfortable when he hugged me. Anyway,finding the pieces; oh I know what you mean. When you feel like your life has shifted til you're faceing a whole new direction and you don't recognize it. My knees go down before the Lord to give me the direction I need and I search within for the woman that my parents prepared me to be. Responsible, reliable, trustworthy, loving, honest, and I could go on and on. We know we are strong, resiliant, women that God created us to be for our families. Even though I have had some bad events take place in my life that have put me on disability I have to give myself this talk to remind me so I don't get down on myself.I will tell you a incident that happened to me one day as we get to know one another that you might find interesting. For now , have a good evening

    November 8, 2009
    12:14 AM
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