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9 years ago  ::  Apr 24, 2009 - 1:40PM #1
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How do I add an image to my posts?

It’s a two step process. First, you have to upload images to your gallery before you can include them in your posts.

I.                   Uploading images to your gallery.

1.      From My Home, click Photos on the Left --- then look for Upload Photo and click.

2.      Within Upload Photo, click on the button to Browse for Files.

3.      Navigate to the folder on your computer where the image you wish to upload is stored, select the image and click Open.

4.      Back in the Upload screen, you’ll see the file name of the image and the status will indicate it’s ready to upload.

5.      Press the button to start the upload. When the upload is complete,  you’ll be asked to enter a Caption for your image.

6.      Enter the caption, then press Finish.

7.      The image is now part of your public gallery and ready to be inserted into posts.


II.                Adding an image to your post. (for Forums AND Groups)

1.      To include an image in one of your posts, be sure the image is in your Gallery first (see section I.)

2.      Within the Add New Post window, click on Orange INSERT PHOTO button at the bottom. This will return you to your personal Public Gallery.

3.      Click on the image you’d like to include in your post. It’ll be highlighted by a very light shade of blue (rather difficult to see, grrr….)

4.      Press the orange SELECT PHOTO button at the top of this screen.

5.      Your image will be returned to the post in Preview mode.

6.      Press the orange SUBMIT POST button to finalize. (see image below, just uploaded for this How To thread.




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