I will see what I can find out about deleting prayer circles and message you. Stardove

    August 26, 2013
    8:47 PM
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    I am trying to delete two prayer circles I created over 10 years ago and beliefnet won't let me. I was young and it didn't occur to me not to use my full name and now it comes up in a basic Google search. Anyone else having this problem? HELP!

    August 26, 2013
    10:41 PM
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    All other little icons on the top are here for me but not a spellchek. Is there a way to install it? thanks d

    June 23, 2012
    1:33 AM
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    We uaually try to have a good and healthy foods because of we want to stay healthy and far away from any diseases. That's means you can have a long life with whom you love. How about your eatting?

    August 27, 2011
    12:05 AM
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    Quick question about the POINTS...I don't know if you have answered already, but I'd like to know how we utilize them, and if there is a section on POINTS here in the community? Blessings ~

    July 22, 2011
    2:57 AM
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    On the left side of your home page in the light blue area there are two Profiles listed. Click on the 2nd Profile and a pop-down list appears. The first option is Edit Profile. Check on that link to open an edit page. Be sure to save the changes. To get to the discussion page at groups, click on Forum tab to the left, and another page will open. Then click on the link there to see the different threads. It's a better place to ask questions and find answers. Stardove ~ Beliefnet Community Moderator

    April 25, 2011
    11:39 AM
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    new to this and can't understand how to edit my profile. the 'blue button' next to my profile photo isn't there. haven't added my profile pic into either.

    April 23, 2011
    7:17 PM
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    To get to the actual group discussions click on Forums on the left side of page. Then click on Beliefnet Knowledgebase and you will see subjects being talked about. You can begin a new threads, ask questions, make comments there. From the discussion area members can answers your questions or comment back to you. This area is not the best place to ask questions; the forum is much better for getting a response.

    March 10, 2011
    11:13 PM
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    What are the points I keep seeing? How do you get them and what are they for? Thanks

    February 21, 2011
    8:05 PM
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    ..Been about two weeks since I've made this request, and I still haven't seen it removed from the website.. Anything you can do about this? It's still a hindrance to myself and I would still like it removed. Thank you.

    February 8, 2011
    9:23 AM
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