The Middle Path beyond Duality

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 10:35 PM [General]

    The Middle Path beyond Duality is not a religion or a belief it is a way of life. It is reaching the essence of our Beings beyond space, time, identity, and form. All opposites are infinitely a part of each other they are one. And only One exist. Many have different names for God such as Being, the Source, Creator, Allah, Universe and much more—though there is only ONE. There are no two forces that exist. And our dualistic minds tell us there is an enemy because of everything we know up to this point. Though we base everything we know on our past. Our past is our known. The past is also unreal, irrelevant because you see it has pasted—it no longer exist so therefore it is not real. We human beings tend to equate the future however with all hopes for salvation and some sort of reward. Though the future does not exist either because it is not here. The moment is the only true reality because it is here now. The moment is where True Love, True Joy, and True Peace lie. These Truths have no opposite for they are of the Middle Path. We simply are when we step into this realm. Though in the realm of duality our dualistic minds have created a false self—ego. This identity that we were given since birth with name and form and how we "should" be and what we "should" do according to society and the world we live in standards. And we unconsciously seep into this illusory self we believe that we are it. We believe that we are this mind though we are in fact God in this body. Our very essence is God. This physical form based world is open to seeing all illusions ever since Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Good and Evil. Hence "good and evil" being opposites—DUAL. So now humanities minds are also of dual nature. And duality brings the illusion of time, form, separation and division. When in reality there is no such thing as division. The Creator is in every single creation. There is no separation between you and your parents DNA let alone physical appearances. Just as there is no separation between you and God, between myself and you. We need to step out of this illusory complex and step into the unknown. Because the known is everything you understand now which is of dual nature. In order to leave those foolish ways behind you must reach inside to your own God essence your own truth and be courageous enough to step out of the crowd. To do as your intuition leads you no matter how crazy and outrageous it may seem to others. Earth and humanity are evolving at a very increasing rate. We are evolving to a new consciousness a new reality the reality of oneness where Ether is felt and recognized once again. This reality is the middle path beyond all opposites. It is the only path to salvation and is available to you right now. Though if you continue to see and be in your dualistic mind nature you will not be granted the chance to be in this new reality. You may not evolve or even exist anymore for that matter. There is all this noise about the world ending. It is just this dualistic world ending. The new reality of the Middle Path is being reborn only to those who are courageous enough to step into it and raise their conscious vibrations. The choice is up to you. What will you do?

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    I am hosting a YouTube Series about it entitled "The Middle Path Series." I am also hosting a Webinar/Online Challenge starting Dec 3 2011 titled "Empty Thyself." I am also starting a new Membership Program starting Dec 1 2011 with live classes on Ustream every Thursday. I also have a book out entitled "FACE IT NOW" that speaks of what to do during this evolution/ascension process to a higher realm of consciousness. You can find all of these on the products and services page. This is if you want to do something about it. Take this seriously for it is your life!

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