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    Seems like others come into groups and ask for prayers some for divorce, others sickness, and the prayer circles are not functional. There is something to be said for being able to know or read that others are praying over you. That was one of the things I Really liked in the old Beliefnet community. People were praying for each other, and in this decade we are very much in need of prayer the bible says to pray without ceasing. Also two or more standing in agreement is a way of having prayers answered. If you are a prayer warrior here is a place for you. If you are a praiser, well the way to get your prayers answered is to have an atmosphere of praise lifting up holy hands, God inhabits the praises of his people. I Did a forum on the POWER OF positive prayer based on a book I READ and highly recommended, so if you have a need, you might go to some bookstore and order this book its a great beginning effective way of praying. Some denomitions have servants who have dedicated thier lives to making intercessions for others.So here I Am intiating this group to send up some serious prayers, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray then I WILL Hear from heaven and heal their land. This is a call for prayer going out in such a time as this. IF you need prayer for healing deliverance restoration, repentance, comfort in a loss suffered this room decrees you are welcome

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    Dear heavenly father, thank you for another day, thank you for caring for us and being mindful of us, thank you food to eat, and a place to stay. I Bless your holy name, LORD I pray for our president and his family, that you would protect and keep him, and his loved ones, I Pray that you would allow him to rule with wisdom, and that you would grant our country peace, and lord that we chose men who are seeking peace, and I pray for the peace of Isreal and that you protect our nation and thier nation. I PRAY that you would protect our borders. That you would strengthen us as a nation, that the soldiers who have returned would have the benefits they need including medical and housing and shelter for their families. Lord I PRAY FOR THOSE who are homeless, and neglected, and pray for those who need a friend, and someone to care about them. I pray that we dont just ask you to bless our soldiers, but that we as a nation would bless them with jobs, and homes and clothing and make sure that their physical and emotional needs are meet. Dont let us turn our backs on the sick, and the elderly. KEEP US IN ALL OUR WAYS, IF OUR WAYS ARE YOUR WAYS. lord bless our nations finances, and help stop those that do not want to acknowledge you on our monies or in our nation as our God. Triumph in the courtrooms and in the churchs that they uphold the word of God. LORD YOUR WORD SAYS YOU LOVE TO PERFORM YOUR WORD AND YOUR ANGELS LOVE TO PERFORM YOUR WORD. a NATION WHOSE GOD IS JEHOVAH SHALL BE BLESSED. PROSPER US IN THIS NEW YEAR AND PROTECT US WITH YOUR MIGHTY WARRING ANGELS IN THE HEAVENLIES ALL THESE AND OTHER BLESSINGS I PRAY IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, I BLESS YOUR NAME AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANSWERING THESE AND OTHER PRAYERS.

    January 13, 2012
    3:13 PM
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    Dear heavenly father, i am so thankful that when 9-11 occured in this country that you were present, and although a worst scenario could have happened that you protected us. YOU were able to get the majority of the airplanes flying that day out of the air. And you comforted this country as we watched the tragic scenes on our television screens with saw the firefighters going into the buildings and many did not come out. I PRAY FOR THEIR FAMILIES AND THEIR CHILDREN, AND WIVES, YOU KNOW how much they must miss them, and you have helped them make it threw til this 10th year anniversary, which is occuring today on a sunday, LORD i am remorseful that the program today is reportedly a secular event, and although I KNOW THAT MANY pastors, and churchs prayed i especially want to cry out to you for our country. America is changing and seems to be moving away from you but I THINK YOU WOULD TELL ME LIKE YOU TOLD ELIJAH THAT YOU HAVE MORE THEN 100,000 THAT HAVE NOT BOWED THEIR HEADS TO BAAL, AND SO LORD, I THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE KEEPING US FROM EVIL, ALTHOUGH TODAY I READ THAT 77, WERE ATTACKED IN APHGANISTAN IT DID HOWEVER READ THAT THEY DID, LORD I ASK YOU TO ASSIGN ANGELS TO THE HEAVENLIES AROUND THIS COUNTRY IN THE NORTH, AND SOUTH, AND EAST AND WEST WITH FLAMING SWORDS OF FIRE TO WAR AGAINST ANYTHING THAT MIGHT TRY TO COME AGAINST US. lord God guard our piece, your word says your angels love to perform your word. So I THANK YOU ADVANCE FOR PROTECTING OUR SHIPS, OUR TRAINS OUR AIRPLANES OUR BUSES AS THEY TRAVEL AROUND THIS COUNTRY. LORD I PRAY THAT YOU WILL NOT ALLOW OUR ENEMIES TO TRIUMPH OVER US, AND THAT YOU WILL KEEP US, AND LORD POUR OUT A SPIRIT OF REVIVAL IN THIS NATION SEND YOUR HOLY SPIRIT TO TURN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS BACK TO YOU. THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVINGKINDNESS, YOUR TENDERMERCIES AND YOUR GRACE THAT IS ALL SUFFICIENT. KEEP THE CHILDREN THAT ARE GROWING UP WITH OUT THEIR FATHERS AND MOTHERS KNOW THAT YOU ARE THEIR KEEPER, SEND GODLY MEN AND WOMEN TO SHARE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST AND TO BE AN EXAMPLE FOR THEM SEND GODLY MENTORS, AND HOLY MEN AND WOMEN, AND LORD GUIDE THEIR FOOTSTEPS, AND HELP THOSE WHO MIGHT TURN TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL BE SET FREE, YOU ARE THEIR VICTORY LORD JESUS. holy spirit, pray with me for you are a discerner of the hearts and minds of men, and you know everything. Grant us peace jesus for your peace is perfect. bless God, bless JESUS AND BLESS THE HOLY SPIRIT, IN THE MIGHTY MIRACULOUS NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARUS. OUR KING

    September 11, 2011
    8:59 PM
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    Dear HEAVENLY FATHER,I am thankful, that you are mindful of man and that you care for us, and that you are all powerful, and all knowledgeable, and that there is nothing hid, from you. I BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME I MAGNIFY YOU,For every Good and perfect Gift, thank you for being an ever present force, and for holding everything together, and so thankful that you changeth not. That you are the same today yesterday and forever, that your word changeth not, and that you love to perform yur word in our lives. Thank you for healing and for your many benefits, and for blessing us daily. Thank you for the keeping those who are reigning over us and for your choosing them, and I pray for the peace of ISRAEL, AND ASK YOU TO WATCH OVE OUR SOLDIERS THAT ARE FIGHTING IN FOREIGN LANDS, AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE MISSIONAIRIES IN FORIEGN COUNTRIES I PRAY pour out your holy spirit, and bring revival to those who stand in the battle field in this world and for those who are called to pastor your churchs, and help them to be strengthen daily. one can chase a thousand to can chase ten thousand. I pray for your church, and for those who love you and your son JESUS, bLESS GOD, BLESS JESUS AND BLESS THE HOLY SPIRIT, IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS I PRAY.

    September 4, 2011
    10:22 PM
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    Dear heavenly Father, I Thank you for your hand being on my life, and for all those who you watched over in the storm that recently passed thru the east coast, and in the earthquake that had come thru earlier in the week. I BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME, I MAGNIFY YOU, I PRAISE YOU FOR KEEPING US AND FOR LIMITING THE LOSS OF LIFE. Lord thank you for keeping us, and thank you for everything you are doing in this country. Lord I pray that the hearts of men and women would be turned toward you, and they would come running to you, knowing that you are all powerful, and a strong tower, and a high tower, thanks for your great Goodness, and your peace that passeth all understanding in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, I PRAY.

    August 31, 2011
    8:19 PM
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