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    It's the little things, I guess, which aren't so little after all...

    Friday, March 20, 2009, 5:12 AM [General]

    Someone thought to bring me a box of cocoa when I was out the other day (and I happen to be a chocoholic)and someone else thought enough of me to send a greeting card.  WOW! I have to say that such "little" things brought such happiness and made me realize that someone cares for me.

     Just yesterday, after not being able to access my former BNET accounts for weeks, I decided to start a new account and already I've found some of my friends are back.  In a day and age when we all have many "friends", I have been touched to the heart, knowing that these still care enough to consider me their friend. 

    So, as I start out again (not as Carananda now) but as myself (katy o), I want to say I hope we all keep up the little gestures of caring for one another.  It means so much more than can be expressed.



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