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    December 17, 2008
    5:33 PM
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    Hi Karbie! You didn't post back about your results in the Coping forum; I'm just wondering how you've been?

    October 17, 2008
    6:55 AM
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    September 23, 2008
    12:44 AM
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    August 15, 2008
    4:39 PM
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    for your answer to my post about miscarriages. You are kind. By the way I was born in Parma. Home of the white socks. Drop by for coffee sometime.

    August 12, 2008
    11:08 PM
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    Thank you for joining my group,"Coping with the loss of a loved one daily."I hope we can become friends & hope to see you posting soon. ((HUGS)) CATHY (cdkelley)

    July 17, 2008
    5:59 PM
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    I replied to your post, and then I went and did something that might have been stupid. would like to know what you think. how do you send a private message?

    Ken Kennoli
    May 16, 2008
    10:31 PM
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    First i wanted to say thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement you left for me. They have been a little hard to handle however, bc there are "connections" that are unexplainable. In your reply you spoke of two people named Ray and Sue. My mother's name was Sue and my stepfathers name was Ray. I dont exactly know what this means, i just found it a little "weird". Also, u spoke about Sue & a dream, well i've only had 1 dream about my mother that i can remember vividly and when i tell people about it my exact words are that i could touch her. You spoke about Ray being in line for prescriptions, and my stepdad was disabled and was always taking medications, which i believe contributed to his mental condition. There are a few other things too, but I dont want to keep rambling. I just cant seem to make this connection. I only came to beliefnet after someone suggested that i look into a medium if i wanted answers to some of my questions. The thing is, could i handle the answers? Am I better not knowing? Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best and again THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. If anything, I believe you telling me that Ray and my Mother were able to be together because his sanity was restored gave me a sense of peace. GOD BLESS YOU!! Jill

    April 6, 2008
    2:31 AM
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    HI! Thank U So much for caring! U seem like a great person who has been through a lot and has conquered a lot! I am happy to know you! I do not currently attend church on a regular basis, nor do I attend a counselor, so I have a LOT to work on!! U are a NICE nice person!! LLG

    March 29, 2008
    2:49 AM
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    I love your quirky humor; and I am plenty old enough to remember Trivial Pursuit. My favorite parts of Rocky and Bullwinkle were Mr. Peabody with his boy Sheman and the WayBack machine; and Fractured Fairytale. Monty Python is the best, especially the ongoing gags, and the Ministry of Funny Walks. What a crew! Didn't they love dressing up as I think you were so wonderfully supportive of the person to whom you repied. Take care, brooks Oh, I wanted to ask: Isn't Cuyahoga Falls where Bullwinkle went to college? LOL

    October 19, 2007
    7:36 PM
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