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    Hello, I have only just joined the community and was looking at your profile and I felt a great warmth in my heart. Jazmin x

    January 7, 2010
    8:03 AM
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    Hey, I saw your profile and thought I'd say hi. I read your belief statement and was very touched to know that there are some that have found peace in who they are in God and knows that they are loved just for being that person. Be peaceful. -Shalonda "Treasure" Williams

    November 3, 2009
    10:16 AM
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    Dear Lord, today we pray for mothers-- our own mothers, and mothers everywhere, who have made such a major contribution to the good qualities we have, sometimes through genetics, more often through great effort and patient instruction, and who have done their best to gently polish away our rough edges. Lord, please bless our mothers for the endless hours of time they spent and the boundless energy they invested in us. Bless our mothers for their sacrifices on our behalf as they often gave up or deferred their own dreams so that we could have ours. Bless our mothers for always being there for us, for being the person we know we can turn to when we need comfort, encouragement, or just a hug. Bless our mothers for making a home for us where we could feel safe, where we felt we belonged. Most of all, Lord, bless our mothers for their unconditional love, for loving us no matter what, and for frequently showing love in ways that make us feel valued and cherished. Lord, please bless our mothers mightily. Strengthen them, soothe them, wrap them in Your infinite love and shower them with blessings too numerous to count, too magnificent to describe. We love them, admire them, respect them, and we wish that You would give them back many times the good they gave to us. In Jesus' name we pray; Amen. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

    May 10, 2009
    7:07 PM
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    December 25, 2008
    11:31 AM
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    October 27, 2008
    4:21 PM
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    Dear justme333 . . . . May love and laughter light your days .. and warm your heart and home .. may good and faithful friends be yours .. wherever you may roam .. may peace and plenty bless your world .. with joy that long endures .. may all life's passing seasons .. bring the best to you and yours!     =:0]  

    October 23, 2008
    3:04 PM
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    September 20, 2008
    11:56 PM
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    Oh, I'm not doing a drive-by. Over on CD, which has always been my "home" on bnet. :)

    March 9, 2008
    5:24 PM
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    Hope your birthday is happy and just the way you like it! Kind Regards, Pat

    January 31, 2008
    8:37 AM
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    I just joined Beliefnet and am just looking around to see who's here. I enjoyed your tagline and about me section. - jmurphy18

    December 4, 2007
    1:39 AM
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