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    HI my name is David; my screen name is Preach The Word. I just want to say: we can't go through life doing what we want! GOD kicked the devil and his angels out of HEAVEN, because in their hearts and minds they were planning to take over, but GOD said: they gotta go! So now the devil is the enemy of GOD. But the devil cannot beat GOD(or get the victory), so what he does is ruin the lves of GODS creation., and eventually he will kill us, then destroy us. Some will get to see the good of the earth after this life if we just obey GOD who is working through the name of JESUS CHRIST!!! The life you guys are living isn't for right now; it's for the next life! And I know that there's many that live it, somehow someway we gotta get the truth out to them. The BIBLE is REAL!!! And it will work in you if you let it! You have beautiful picture, but it is a trap! The devil is to deceive the world.... But with GOD that works through the name of JESUS, we can defeat the devil, but without JESUS we are killed and destroid! From everlasting life... But you probably don't even care about that or this letter!! But JESUS LOVES YOU!!! Infact JESUS is controling me to keep writing this letter!! The devil has NO power, he just lies to us and tricks us.. But we need to save our kids from this!!! This is LOVE!!! We often tell people we love them, but don't include JESUS! How can we? How can we love someone and we're not even trying to save their lives.. JESUS is the source to our lives!!The devil will separate us by race(he's done this for yrs.) He uses money, race,poverty, wealth, music, T.V, friend's, family, gangs, police; everything! The world is his, GOD said... Do you read the BIBLE? If not GOD BLESS YOU anyway!!!Hopefully one day someone will talk to you seriously, hopefully!!

    June 3, 2010
    3:17 PM
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