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  • I'm struggling right now. I feel as tho my psychologist just isn't right for me, after seeing him for 3 years. He keeps PUSHING me ... more

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    maybe he is 'shoving' you thru a new door. be open. look at it from a higher perspective. starting something different and new might help u with what is 'holding' u back. they work 2gether. my prayers for a blessed new year, Peace B

    January 16, 2010
    4:41 PM
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    Depression is multifaceted . I was depressed when I was little . I wasn't shown any love when I was little . My dad was loving but he was barely ever home . My dear mother I can say that today in the past I couldn't . She didn't have the time to hug or be nice . She was burdened with just too much to do . At seven years old I wanted to commit suicide I'm glad I didn't . I don't ask why I suffered as much as I did today because I know why . Sin entered the world and pain ensued . The closer I stay to Jesus the happier I am . I've had to forgive the battery that I suffered in my early years . For me it was a decision to forgive . It was difficult but it freed me to be the child that God wants me to be . It is true that we never forget but the pain associated with a life full of battery and rejection is lifted by our good Lord . Depression can be treated in many ways . Sometimes medication is needed . Sometimes all that is needed is a worshiping community . I did belong to one many years ago and prayer through the laying on of hands really helped me . The best to you . Marie

    May 9, 2009
    9:19 PM
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