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    Monday, September 27, 2010, 6:19 PM [General]

    Landscape onwards will be more charming and exactly one hour trip we will find the location of bathing and washing the local community. Ulungkura, thus the name of this area and an hour walk away with a light trekking terrain along the river upstream we will find a beautiful waterfall.
    No half-hearted, waterfall or water down so the locals call it consists of seven levels with the water really clear. This place was still empty of visitors and access roads just improvise, just busy on major holidays such as Eid, so cleanliness of the place is very secure.
    Two first-level waterfall is easy to reach, but the next level requires us to climb the steep cliff with a considerable distance away so difficult to access with makeshift equipment. Lush trees and plants orchids adorn many this location, thundering waterfalls overshadow the clear refreshing taste in the throat.
    After Ulungkura, we will pass through areas that lined the hill morphology along the road lined. One is a unique place in the area Lengora. On the left, we will be treated to views of steep limestone terbing very riveting. It extends as far as the cliff is approximately one mile with an altitude of approximately 200 meters from the ground. Challenging curves of gray cliffs and vertical lines tertoreh as the product of geological processes in the form of a vertical fault really manly eyes. Many students from both nature lovers from Sulawesi and Java, which routinely come to this place every year to conquer the vertical cliffs.
    At the foot of the cliff there is a unique cave, it is unclear the origin of the allotment of the cave, but inside there is sleeping room, kitchen and other house like usual. Explore the cave is possible and can use the services of local guides. Continuing the journey, we will arrive in the village which lies at the foot Tedubara under Mount Sangiang.
    Mountain with an altitude of 1,000 m-an is known for its beauty and uniqueness of its peak, the glance is similar to the human face that is being looked up. Right in the wedge on the slopes of Mount Tangkeno Sangiang and on the south, there is the highest village in Kabaena namely Tangkeno which has a height of 550 m above sea level. The view in this village sunggguh beautiful, flanked by towering green hills with the sea horizon in the distance. Village beauty and hospitality of local population is immortalized in song chant a distinctive area of Southeast Sulawesi.
    Back to Tedubara, this village is also a way to Sikeli intersection in West Kabaena Kabaena and Phishing on the North. Phishing can be reached as far as an hour to the north, in the form of a fishing village with modest houses but has beautiful views of the bay is flanked by blue hills around it. Travel along Tedubara until Phishing through the foothills and forests are partly inhabited by transmigrants.
    The western tip of the island is Sikeli Kabaena, city district that is located on the seafront. What's interesting here is the presence of intact whale skeleton that once stranded. It is not known exactly what the species, but whales are mammals framework dubbed 'King Baena' by locals. His condition now is deplorable, most of the bones were brittle with age and sea water vapor and covered with moss.
    To preserve these rare framework, local government is building a permanent building as a new shelter. In addition to the framework is of course typical scenery beautiful fishing village lies on the coast with the majority of Bajo houses built on a pile of limestone which have been prepared, assemble the beautiful scenery at sunset. Sikeli city is most crowded city in Kabaena and cruise lines from Makassar, South Sulawesi, was opened here. Sikeli is the ultimate goal as a journey across Kabaena cover this.

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    From Talaga to Kabaena

    Monday, September 27, 2010, 6:14 PM [General]

    Continuing the journey to the north Talaga, about an hour sea trip using speedboats, came in Dongkala which is the capital of East Kabaena district. This area has been entered into the territory of the district administration Kasipute Bombana with its capital located in the mainland island of Sulawesi. The city is included in the travel lane route ferry crossings with Bau-Bau - Dongkala - Mawasangka (Mona Island).
    Dongkala situated in a bay protected by two islands at the mouth so that when the east wind season is not until the high waves swept the coast. The water here is clear blue with a basic white sand and green seaweed scattered everywhere, very lovely mid-day when the sun to penetrate the base. On the north side, there are dozens of homes Bajo tribe is very famous for their reliability as a master fisherman in the sea.
    Remove Dongkala, we headed west down the rocky dirt road. Along the way will be treated to views of the village a nice, pages are clean and well ordered home. In the middle Kabaena, we will see many villages whose inhabitants are descended from a tribe believed to Tolaki mainland Sulawesi.
    Not surprisingly, this same route, we will meet the villagers that the average white, straight hair and flawless sweet. The atmosphere in these villages feel much different until as if we are not being passed through the area of Southeast Sulawesi because of differences in expression on the faces of the residents. Unlike residents in coastal areas Kabaena the main livelihood as fishermen, in the middle of the average population Kabaena gardening cashew juice or sugar as a source of livelihood.
    Some residents Kabaena also earns a meager living as a migrant worker who is not surprising that sometimes we will meet local residents who spoke in Malay accent is thick because it has been years in the neighboring country. Approximately half an hour from Dongkala, we began to pass through the foot hills Sambapolulu. The highest peak in this Kabaena has a height of 1570 m and almost every time a cloud covered peak.

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    Village origins wulu

    Monday, September 27, 2010, 6:11 PM [General]

    reputedly ancient residents intend to stay in the village of wulu who have eyes water and land are much broader. But in the end, because the Village wulu have 'a lot of spirits' who always disturb the tranquility of citizens, they were forced to move to the other side.
    Until now, to meet the needs of clean water, residents Talaga daily commute to the village with a boat full of jerry cans wulu. Talaga Small island composed of limestone is when viewed from the direction of the Village in a furious mainland wulu Kabaena, perfect inverted saucer-shaped so that it looks as if like a UFO that landed in the waters.
    Besides the uniqueness of its form, a panorama of the island and the village is very beautiful in it. Shallow sea green with a shiny white sand scattered around the island and in some places there is unspoiled coral reefs. As the sun sank in the western horizon, blend orange hue, the old pier and the boats are moored to produce the sensation of the beautiful landscape imprint on the heart.
    Across Talaga Desa wulu looked composed of two simple houses hundreds lined up along the white sandy beach between the shade of coconut trees. Go to the western part wulu until the end of the island, there is a village in the southwest Kabaena Kokoe.
    Village inhabited by Bugis community is located on the peninsula Kokoe, namely shaped promontory unique and beautiful. The village is located in the neck which is always open and because the only transportation routes to this village only by sea, big waves when it was not possible to reach this village. To anticipate the big waves at certain seasons, the population of this area is already equip themselves with adequate logistical supplies.
    Walking along the beach until Kokoe wulu, views stretch of white sand with crystal clear shallow sea water was blue and the green trees wave that fortify the hills towering tertoreh truly eye-catching.

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    Cross Island Kabaena

    Monday, September 27, 2010, 6:06 PM [General]

    Kabaena, an exotic island located in Southeast Sulawesi Province which can be reached during the two-hour sea journey west of the town of Bau-Bau on Buton Island. The island is not known and to become a tourist destination, even in his own Sultra repercussions far behind with a royal history tour of Buton and Wakatobi diving resorts. However, in this Kabena there are many beautiful landscapes that is rarely revealed and the unique and exotic places that are not found elsewhere.
    Kabaena or Kobaena (which has rice), has an area of 890 million m2, divided into 6 districts in Bombana. When taken from Jakarta, this region can be achieved through air travel from Jakarta to Makassar, Kendari, or Jakarta-Makassar-Bau-Bau for approximately 4 hours. If you have arrived in Kendari, to the island Kabaena can proceed with ground transportation to Kasipute for 3 hours and followed by a speedboat passengers Sikeli destination in West Kabaena for two and a half hours or to Talaga in Southeast Kabaena during the three hour drive.
    Another track from Kendari can be reached by going to Bau-Bau use speedboats 6 hours, followed by a speedboat passengers heading Talaga during the two hour drive. Times of danger to this area is the season when high winds like the east and west winds that can create waves as high as 3-4 meters. When that season arrives, the Motorist and the skipper will take the morning trip schedule on when the wind subsided and the current calm tides.
    The beauty of this island starting from Talaga Kingdom, an island-county located in the southeastern part Kabaena. Sub consists of the villages Kokoe, wulu, Talaga I, II and Talaga Talaga Large. Position districts included in the administrative area is somewhat unique Buton Regency, which is only a 'tucked away' in a small southeastern island of Kabaena while away most of the rest went into administration wilyah Bombana District.
    The two main islands in this district is the island of Pulau Talaga Talaga Small and Large are in fact the population is inversely proportional to its name. Talaga Small Island has the largest population than any other area on the island when in fact there is no facility of clean water. 

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    Angel in Kabaena Island

    Monday, September 6, 2010, 4:45 PM [General]

    kapal VOCSagori Kabaena is part of the territory. Sagori is an island that has a marine diversity. Pulchritude Sagori Island, Kabaena, Southeast Sulawesi, often enjoyed by tourists before the Bali bomb attacks in October 2002.
    Frequent kunjun
    gan tourists due sagori mystery island, among others, often sinking ship. No wonder many call it the Bermuda Triangle in Kabaena, because he is a coral atoll half circle. The island is nothing more than a pile of white sand with a length of about 3000 meters and in the middle of the most wide, 200 meters.
    Foreign tourists usually stop at the island
    by a cruise ship after visiting several attractions in Buton and Muna. In Sagori they bask on the white sand while waiting for the ball when the sun is slowly fading to sunset. After watching an amazing natural phenomenon.
    Sagori actually more interesting when seen fro
    m the mountains on the island Kabaena. From the heights, Sagori sweep the four-color display, which is dark blue as the outer line, light blue, white line, then green in the middle. The green color comes from the pine tree canopy-canopies that protect the island.
    Closest distance to the mainland Kabaena approximately 2.5 miles. However, people usually start from Sikeli, Kabaena port city in Distri
    ct West, a distance of about four miles or approximately 30 minutes by speedboat. Sagori the Village area Sikeli.
    The word "sagori" allegedly taken from the name of a girl found in residents Pongkalaero-Kabaena now a village at low tide, not far from the island. The girl told inhabit the five giants that is trapped as water receded.
    When found, the girl is in a state of helplessness. The hunters, sea products and then carry him into a heap of sand before being taken to mokole (king) on the slopes of Mount Sangia Tangkeno Wita, the highest peak (1,800 meters) in Kabaena.

    However, after some time resting in the pile of sand, the girl died. Before he died he had mentioned his name, Sagori. Since then, residents named the piles of sand that Sagori Island .(***)

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    Tuesday, August 31, 2010, 8:54 PM [General]


    People will judge this is crazy ... there will also stating that this story is nonsense. But for me this is my true story that will never be forgotten for the rest-my age.
    I describe a little about my personal life since last 10 years that I really like playing online and browse and read any news on various websites, but for CHATT is something I rarely do, unless there is a special friend who I promised to do so .
    In early March 2010 and then, I happened to be online at as usual that I do than read email also see a wide range of information I need, because it also happened to my work area is in direct contact with information technology. unconsciously, my messenger open, and seen by some people.
    and I playfully scolded one of the women who just add me as one of his friends. short stories in that conversation, we have the same vision that we wanted to get married and marriage is a commitment which is only done once a lifetime.
    Initially, the feeling that I tried to buried, but because we talked so often my love to him rise from the deepest depths of my heart.
    yes, I love her very much and I am very sure that she is my soul mate, even though we were in two different continents. She was in the Americas and I am in the continent of asia.
    As he said that love is not looking at the distance, regardless of age and not look at the material. all that I receive and I try to understand it.
    One week passed, our story continues up to one month is a time of great did not feel we've been through just by chatting through YM chat.


    After going through the process, then those feelings can not be hidden, even if only through CHATT in YM. Unfortunately, those feelings can not be realized for us to be united with each other, because I can not fulfill the request form to send her money for her travel costs to Indonesia.
    My salary working as a journalist for one year will not even cover the cost of her trip to Indonesia, while she said she just wanted proof of how far my feelings of love to bring her  to Indonesia.
    myself think that maybe he could have deceived me, and maybe he has a point just to test me that way. But back to the issue that I do not really has particularly money to bring her to Indonesia. Already emapt months passed, I still communicate with him, but I was always afraid of myself because I did not have the financial ability to meet with him, although I am very confident that he is my soul mate.
    Will not you come when the magic I have tried best to get what I'm looking for?
    God knows what lies deep in the heart of every creature on earth, including my very small in His presence.

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    Sunday, August 29, 2010, 7:43 AM [General]

    Nature of Gemini is as agile as the planet Mercury. Hungry for experience and interested in everything, fast and adaptable Gemini, and reluctant to be bound. Their ability to make a very good actor actor. With a style that is owned, Gemini can become the main communicator. Gemini symbol is the twins, there is usually a light side and dark side. Gemini can often switch between the two with a sudden and surprising. This change is their strength is also its Achilles heel. Here is the information you need to be known!

    Gemini Element and Quality

    Gemini is the sign of the air, and ruled by Mercury. Ie planets that govern all aspects of communication. communication and mental elements of nature is the air. Gemini is the sign most associated with the processing of information. Gemini is the sign can be changed - the quality of adaptation and flexibility can adapt to almost any situation, it only takes in almost every constant stimulation and does not respond well to restrictions or pressure in making a commitment.

    Gemini In Love

    Gemini is curious about everything, and want to try many different personalities and lifestyles. Without a lot of air on earth and the chart he would be too late to do and even then may reject the idea of loyalty. Geminivirus flexibility extends to the moral compass and would prefer to make judgments on a case by case basis rather than live by any moral code of the company.
    Gemini loves to talk and usually good kissers! Gemini is not sentimental by nature and not likely to meet a romantic fantasy. change their mood might cause problems, and their intellectual ability even though they usually do not know what is going on within themselves. They will not enjoy a long discussion on the purpose of that relationship, but they will be great friends and entertain endlessly.

    Gemini Work

    There is little attention deficits in each of Gemini. Because of the need for constant stimulation and change, they need to perform various tasks throughout their day. By nature they are not suited for leadership positions; for them the idea of hierarchy of power is ludicrous. But because their mind is always racing, they can be very creative, especially in areas where communication is important. Gemini employees need a liberal vacation policy, because at the moment of their behavior will require changes in place. Gemini boss will welcome the rare opinion everyone around them, but it may be hard to pin down when it comes to enhancing it.

    Friends of Gemini

    Gemini Your friend will be an interesting speaker and adept with a joke. They sometimes may be somewhat unreliable something interesting if it appears that they just have to try, but they'll always be glad for you to go try something new. Gemini Your friends will want to try new restaurants, new theater, or party conversation where there is brilliant. While he will enjoy staying in with you to discuss the latest gossip or political situation (for Gemini's really no difference between them!) He is easily bored and can suddenly decided he was ready to proceed to the next event.

    What inspired Gemini

    Gemini is excited about the new experiences that broaden the mind and inspire the imagination. They are inspired by new ideas and ways of thinking, and by sharing ideas with others. They do not like looking back into the past, but would prefer to look forward to the options that lie ahead. While they are hungry to learn about the mysteries of life, they keep an open mind about what is right and what is not. All information has relevance, and for Gemini divine experience come through understanding and wisdom.

    Gemini Body and Health

    Gemini rules the arms, shoulders, lungs, including respiratory tract, thymus, rib top, and hand. Gemini led the process whereby the body is blood circulation and oxygenation, neurological disorders. Gemini susceptible to bronchitis, neurological disease, pneumonia, a broken shoulder and arm, anemia, asthma and allergies, as well as the general sense of anxiety and nervous tension. Physical activity will help to maintain soil Gemini and nervous system more balanced.

    Metals, Colors and Gems from Gemini

    Gemini yellow, to stimulate the mind, and the pale blue sky to calm the mind. Gemini hopes for the future than the past, and yellow gives optimism and promise, pale blue while stabilizing the nervous system. Gemini gem is agate, to integrate emotion and protection from nightmares, and topaz, for purification, and empathy and understanding.

    Ruled by Gemini Jobs

    Gemini is ideal for jobs requiring good language and communication skills, such as acting, writing, journalism, teaching, interpreting, sales. They are the happiest in their jobs where they have a lot of flexibility in the tasks they do and the hours they worked. They are good businessmen and easily adapt to various situations.

    Lessons for Gemini for Learning and Teaching

    Gemini can teach a lot about flexibility and the need to adapt to various situations. However, with their tendency to be a jack of all trades and master of none, they can learn a lot from their opposites, Sagittarius, for whom the adventure of life is a means to discover the Truth that underlies all life.

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