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    The Tree of Life, a Question.

    Friday, February 22, 2008, 8:10 PM [General]

    I was thinking today of the Garden of Eden, that idyllic place where Adam and Eve once lived. The question that entered my head was why didn't Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Life? Genesis says that once Eve partook of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil, God made it imperative that they wanted them out "lest they partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever". So, why didn't the serpent appear to them in the Tree of Life? They were certainly told by God that they could eat of the Tree of Life in the beginning.
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    Love Requires One to Be Strong

    Saturday, February 9, 2008, 6:07 PM [General]

    Love Requires One to Be Strong

    Unknown Author


    His main frunction is to help unfold his true Self.

    Equal to this function is helping others to become strong, and perfect themselves as unique individuals.

    He will do his best by affording all persons the opportunity to show their feelings, express their aspirations, and share their dreams.

    He must see the forces labedled "evil" as emanating from suffering people who, like himself, are "human" and in the process of attempting to perfect their "beings".

    He must combat these forces of evil through an active love which is deeply concerned and interested in each person's free quest for self-discovery.

    He must learn that he cannot be loved by all men. That is the ideal. In the world of men, it is not often found. He can be the finest plum in the world, ripe, juicy, sweet, succulent, and offer himself to all. But he must remember there will be men who do not like plums.

    He must understand that if he is the world's finest plum and someone he loves does not like plums, he has the choice of becoming a banana. But he must be warned that if he chooses to become a banana, he will be a second rate banana. But he can always be the best plum.

    He must realize that if he chooses to be a second rate banana, he runs the risk the loved one finding him second best and, wanting only the best, discarding him.  He can spend his life trying to become the best banana---which is impossible if he is a plum--or he can seek again to be the best plum.

    He must endeavor to love all men even if he isn't loved by them. He doesn't love to be loved, he loves to love.

    He must reject no man, for he realizes that he is a part of every man and to reject even one man, is to reject himself.

    He must know that if he loves all men and is rejected by one, he must not pull away in fear, pain, or disappointment.

    He must believe that it is not the world that is ugly, bitter, and destructive, but it is what man has done to the world that makes it appear so.

    He must be a model. Not a model of perfection, a state not oftent reached by man, but a model human being. For being a good human being is the greatest thing he can be.

    He must be able to forgive himself for being less than perfect.

    He must understand that change is inevitable, and that when it is directed in love and self-realization, it is always good.


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    Monday, January 28, 2008, 1:46 AM [General]

    A selection from Charles Peguy

     God Speaks:

    I know man well. It is I who made him. A funny creature.

    For in him that freedom is at work which is the mystery of mysteries.

    You can still ask a lot of him. He is not too bad.

    You can't say that he is bad.

    When you know how to handle him, you can still ask a lot of him.

    You can get a lot out of him. And God knows that

    my grace

    Knows how to handle him, that with my grace

    I know how to handle him, that with my grace I know how to handle him, that my grace is insidious, as clever as a thief

    And like a man hunting a fox.

    I know how to handle him. It's my business. And

      that freedom of his is my creation.

    You can ask a lot of kindness of him, a lot of

    charity, a lot of sacrifice.

    He has much faith and much charity.

    But what you can't ask of him, by gum, is a little hope.

    A little confidence, don't you know, a little


    A little yielding, a little abandonment into my


    A little giving. He is always so stiff.

    Now you, my daughter night, you sometimes

         succeed, you sometimes obtain that very thing

    Of rebellious man.

    Let the gentleman consent, let him yield a little to


    Let him stretch out his poor weary limbs on a bed

        of rest.

    Let him ease his aching heart a little on a bed of rest.

    Above all, let his head stop working. It works only

         too much, his head does. And he thinks it is

         work, when his head goes that way.

    And his thoughts . . . Did you ever . . . What

          he calls his thoughts!

    Let his thoughts stop moving about and struggling

         inside his head and rattling like calabash seeds,

    Like a little bell in an empty gourd.

    When you see what they are all about, those ideas

       of his, as he calls them!

    Poor creature. I don't care for the man who doesn't

       sleep, says God.

    The man who is all aglow in his bed, all aglow with

        unrest and fever.

    I am all for making one's examination of conscience

        every night, says God.

    It is a good exercise.

    But after alll, you mustn't torment yourself with it

          to the point of losing your sleep.

    At that hour, the day is done, and well done. It

          doesn't have to be done over again.

    It is all settled.

    Those sins for which you are so sorry, my boy,

            well, it is plain enough,

    My friend, you should not have committed them.

    At the time when you were still free not to commit them.

    Now, it's over.. So go to sleep, you won't do it again


    But the man who, going to bed at night, makes plans for the next day.

    That man I don't care for.

    Jackass, how does he know what tomorrow will be like?

    Does he even know what color the weather is

    going to take on?

    He had much better say his prayers. I have never

         withheld tomorrow's bread.

    The man who is in my hand like the staff in the

        traveller's hand,

    That man is agreeable to me, says God.

    The man who rests on my arm like the suckling

       child who laughs

    And is not concerned with anything,

    And sees the world in his mother's and his nurse's


    And sees it nowhere else, and looks for it nowhere else.

    That one is agreeable to me, says God.

    But the one who concocts plans, the one who inside

        himself, in his own head,

    Works for tomorrow like a hired laborer,

    Works dreadfully like a slave making an everlasting

      wheel go round,

    (and between you and me like a fool),

    Well, that man is in no way agreeable to me,

    says God.

    He who abandons himself, I love. He who does not

    abandon himself, I don't love. That's simple enough.

    He who abandons himself does not abandon himself,

     and his is the only one who does not abandon himself.

    Now you, my daughter night, my daughter of the

    great cloak, my daughter of the silver cloak,

    You are the only one who sometimes overcomes

       that rebel and can bend that stiff neck of his.

    It is then, O night, that you appear.

    And what you have done once,

    You do every time.

    What you have done one day,

    You do every day.

    As you came down one evening,

    So you come down every eveing.

    What you did for my son who was made man,

    O great and charitable one, you do for all me his


    You bury them in silence and shadow

    And in the salutary oblivion

    Of the moral unrest

    Of day.

    Charles Peguy


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    The War in Iraq

    Monday, January 21, 2008, 4:46 PM [General]

    The War in Iraq and Afghanistan deeply disturbs me. Principally, because the wars are to protect oil interests in the region more than a victory statement.

    However, what disturbs me so greatly, is how many people do not consider the sacrifice of our nation's military men and women in this war. People speak of being against the war, but do they support the troops who have no option but to serve in these wars.

    Having been in Vietnam, I find that, some, hate not just the war, but they hate the participants of war as well. I see that those who serve in the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars are much beloved by their families and friends, but there are many who do not share in that goal. Some, like in Vietnam, hate the participants as much as they hate the war.

    I see that our troops have strong leadership, excellent training, and the support of most of the nation. What disturbs me are "anti-war" protestors who want our soldiers to die, wish them dead, and buried. This revolts me in a very extreme manner.

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    The Menorah returns

    Thursday, January 10, 2008, 7:27 PM [General]

    Last night, as I closed my eyes to sleep, I saw a city ablaze with a dark shadow of a steeple in the middle of the vision. When I shifted my body to lay on my left side, I saw a silver menorah hanging upside down from the ceiling. I distinctly recall there was no oil or fire spilling from the menorah even though it was lit. It was an inverted vision of the menorah. Then, it routed itself on the floor, and then inverted itself again. I have no clue of what this means, but it followed on the heels of a conversation with my younger brother regarding my original dream. My brother will call again tonight to ask questions regarding the Menorah in the original dream.

    He has an unique gift for the interogatory, and his questions last night were specifically pointed at the two dreams involving the Menorah and the Ancient Church. The conclusion that I came to, after my brother's questions, were the Venerable and Holy Object and a Venerable and Holy Personage. That has brought more questions in my mind about the dreams, but perhaps my brother can ferret them out as he continues his interogatory.


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    Creating a new Group

    Tuesday, January 8, 2008, 11:20 PM [General]

    I have just created a new group called "Faith in Combat Boots".  I created this group to see if I can get former military members who faced combat to relate their faith in the scope of how they coped with combat in a forward area.

    I've noticed when I mentioned "war" in the Faith Club, there is very little response, perhaps because they see the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq every day on their doorstop, or perhaps because war conflicts with spirituality. It is a difficult turn, so my goal is to get people talking and see if we can get down to the nuts and bolts on how people envisioned God during combat and even how their families met the news of that crisis.

    Here's to hope.


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    Wonderful Christmas Presents

    Wednesday, December 26, 2007, 8:59 PM [General]

    My wonderful wife allowed Santa Claus to bring me ten books by an author whom I am very familiar with: Fuchsia Pickett. I personally met her in Ubon, Thailand at the Ubon RTAFB in 1973, during a revival and Bible teaching tour. She was extremely humble, yet very dynamic. I had never heard anyone like her. And she changed my life. My awesome wife bought me the ten volume set of her writings of which I will write about in my journal from time to time.

     They are: 

    God's Purpose For You

    Possess Your Promised Land

    The Prophetic Romance

    Understanding the Personality of the Holy Spirit

    Walking in the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

    Cultivating the Gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit

    The Next Move of God

    Five Laws of the Dying Seed

    Stones of Remembrance

    Placed in His Glory

    I'll be busy this coming year. The one thing about Fushia Pickett is you can't put her in a category. She is an exceptional Christian woman who leaves God's lessons to be personal lessons for each individual. She doesn't preach fire and brimstone, but the Holy Spirit works in her in a marvelous way.

    Thank God for my wonderful wife! What would I do without her?


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    Letters to a Shaman, June 25, 1999

    Thursday, December 20, 2007, 7:43 PM [General]

    The final letter of recorded meditations and dreams.

    Friday, June 25, 1999 (Meditation) 5:30am. I awoke at 5:00am. I stareted to get up to meditate, but did not. A great restlessness come over me while I slept, and at 5:30 pm, I ggot up and went to the living room. I sat on the sofa facing south. The twitching and convulsing began. The right arm, the left, arm, the left leg, the neck, and rocking my head in order. I saw on the left side of my vision a deep black book with fluorescent green points of light on the opposite corners of the front and back. I saw a "stick figure" in the middle of my vision with his knees  bent slightly and his arms bent at the elbow. I then saw the image of a young navy seaman with radio headsets on. He wore a denim shirt, had black hair, and clean shaven. he was smiling. I saw shadows which obscured blue, yellow, and white glows. As I drifted deeper into the meditation, my teeth began to chatter together in rhythm. So many figures and shadows passed until the final view was the massive shadow obscuring a light blue glow. The meditation ended.

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    Letters to a Shaman, June 24,1999

    Thursday, December 20, 2007, 7:26 PM [General]

    Thursday, June 24, 1999, (Meditation) 6:00...The alarm clock and my awakening were simultaneous. I decided to meditate once again. Returning to the living room, I again sat cross-legged, facing the east. When I first closed my eyes, multiple flahes of yellow light raced across the left side of my vision. The dawn appeared in my field of vision, banded by circles of colors. Prior to that, an iridescent object projecting multiple colors appeared briefly on my left. A yellow cylindrical object with a red cap appeared in the center. It appeared to be a tube of Camex. Following that a deep blue tube with words "Lip Balm" appeared with the cap covered with miniature colorful scenes. The cap pointed left. The name "Dodson" and the number "5245" were "heard" in my ear, repeating itslef several times. The spirit buck deer appeared facing me. The broad black shadow object with the white glow returned and the meditation ended.

    Thursday, June 24, 1999. (3rd Meditation) 10:30pm: I decided to skip my evening meditation and go to bed. However, as I settled in to sleep, my right arm twitched, then my left arm twitched or jerked. Then, my left leg from the knee down, jerked or convulsed. Immediately my vision filled with purple and yellow "clouds". My neck convulsed, and immediately a brilliant white light filled the top, both left and right sides, and rotated from left to right as in a circle.

    ( Post script: I have no clue as to the imagery in this meditation)

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    Letters to a Shaman, June 24, 1999

    Thursday, December 20, 2007, 7:08 PM [General]

    Thursday, June 24, 1999. (Meditation) 4:30am. I became wide awake. I heard the sound of two notes from the voice of a bird. The sound repeated itself. The sound itself came from the east side of the room, where the dresser is. Then, I heard my name called from the same area. The inflection of the caller was different this time. It wasn't soft, but wasn't harmonic. it was just different. I arose and went to the living room, sat cross-legged towards the east, and began to meditate. The shadow images began as before until I saw a "spirit" mountain lion on the rocky ledge looking left. he appeared on the left. Then three "stick figures" appeared on the right in shadow form against a backdrop of violet/purple. They stood in a line and faced the left. The sounds of words began, although what they meant was unclear to me, even as the words repeated themselves. The shadow images continued and I stopped and returned to bed. As I lay back down, my entire left side convulsed several times until I dropped off to sleep.

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