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    Sunday, February 6, 2011, 9:07 AM [General]

    reacntly ive been laid off, to keep myself buisy i have been taking adventures

    riding the sta down town trying to talk to diferent peaple and find a new career

    and searching again? 

    life has been a little rocky have had to mack some choices that affect not only myself but many around me and the only one to lean on is jesus and there for i hope the chioces i have made will allow me to become closer to him and call him my lord my salvation my rock and foundation so that i may say i am his temple for wich he may use to do with what he chooses

    so my purity and faith may never perish into paridise i may go but untill the day of my judgment i will allwayes fail allwayes fall short loard jesus i hope that if am ever to become so blinded that i cant find youre grace that you will find me please forgive my i am lost and i need youre unconditional love to swallow me and help to stand under the weight of my burdens god bless


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