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    Jewish Humor Enthusiasts

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    Let's admit it: We love to laugh! Whether it's along to a late-night Seinfeld rerun, a quirky Woody Allen flick, or the newest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, our thirst for witty, self-deprecating, Jewish humor cannot be quenched! Let's use this group as a way to get a hit of it every day--even when there's nothing on the tube! Talk about your favorite episodes, share your latest finds, or analyze new plot twists--for this, ladies and gentlemen, is your virtual cawfee tawk.

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    Hi I have joined this group.i write on religion,the spiritual,the paranormal and everything else from my site Regards Have a nice day

    April 11, 2010
    1:06 AM
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    May all jewish humor enthusiasts have deepest well being, happiness, and joy.

    April 6, 2009
    2:22 AM
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