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  • (This was a response to a young man in the Seminary, soon to be ordained a Catholic Priest. We had exchanged emails, for he was ... more
  • Love and Hate are transient states, and neither of them is GOD;Both reside inside of you, and no man can be a GOD;Laughter is an ... more
  • Hello everybody, and how do you do? I'm Jesus 2.3 coming at you in virtual reality. The light you see, are the words i type, the words ... more

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    For Pete's sake, I'll just add these words. Thanx for understanding what I've been trying to say. I'm not trying to CHANGE the world, because the world is just fine today. I'm just manipulating wisdom & knowledge, in the belief it may CHANGE some minds one day. I HOPE you know that is how the CHANGE begins, not by following leaders with HOPEless slogans of CHANGE. Those slogans are used to get into power, and then do whatever they want, with a little help from their friends, while fooling everyone else it's for them.

    January 13, 2011
    6:25 AM
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    thanks for your cyber friendship dude- these things do matter to me and i hope to be a good cyber pal to you. also thanks for the explanation and i do see your point. >o

    January 12, 2011
    7:25 PM
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    Did I say I was that guy? I said I'm virtually him. If you don't understand my words, what makes you think you understand his? In reality, I've been labeled 'Mr. Jesus 2.3" and they send me mail as "The God of Abraham". who is this they you say, and I'll tell you this very moment. They are "The International Fellowship of Christians & Jews". In reality it makes me laugh. Some dumb Rabbi there keeps asking me for money. Does he think he's been chosen for something special? Is it to get money or to get fried? Both has happened to the chosen ones, and it wasn't my fault. Do you think it was man or GOD. To tell you the truth, it was both of them. I HOPE you know you can't CHANGE that, but you can come back with some silly comment. I'm not gonna' bother using biblical quotes you fool. That book was compiled exactly like OBAMAcare, and it's filled with all sorts of lies. If you want to be inspired by the true word of GOD, just open the Noble Qur'an my friend, and commence to reading right now! You see, that book was delivered by the angel Gabriel, to the last Prophet, not Jesus though, he came before Mohammad. Peace be upon both of them, and peace be with you too. I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, not an angel, but she is my mother. I was delivered into the world to tell the truth to everyone. You don't have to believe a word I've said. What you think is in your head, and it isn't in mine. I HOPE you know that will never CHANGE. The reason jesus 1.0 didn't call himself that name, because he wasn't greek! Christ is just a greek name that means the anointed one. Judaism & Islam are both semetic religions, Christianity in reality is a bastard son. Blame St. Paul for that. the guy was a jew, but he was a roman citizen too. He also know a thing or 2 about hellenistic culture. That's where Zeus is the GOD, HEY-Zuez, does that ring a bell? it's how you pronounce JESUS in that latin language Spanish. Assalamu Alaikom warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu. Means peace be with you, and may ALLAH bless you also. With an Everlasting Love, Now, & Forever Always, Virtually yours, jesus christ

    January 12, 2011
    7:59 AM
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