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    I figured I should probably get the ball rolling here. I would love to meet other Scorpios and share stories about this great sign. I couldn't imagine being any other. I read that we don't get along with Taurus, but I don't agree because my best friend and cousin is a Taurus. Maybe for a mate they meant? I also hear Capricorn is a good match for me. My first love was a Capricorn and hurt me terribly. I did eventually get over it though. No more feelings of anger, guilt, and self-hatred from that relationship. It's over and done with! The only other Capricorn I might have dated seemed nice. This is scary... turns out I did a Google search on him and he is a convicted pedophile! Ooops! So glad I did that. I think someone was poking me to do it! Hey, check em' out and see what comes up! This man will never get his hands on my kids. I screen and will not tolerate this, ever!!! That's why I have to be careful who I am even friends with. You just never know.

    August 31, 2009
    1:10 PM
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