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    Goal: 8 glasses

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 6:30 PM [General]


    It’s funny how things work.  I vow to change my eating habits and all of a sudden resources begin to flow into my life to assist me.  In a few days time I’ve been gifted a raw foods cookbook, a booklet on the benefits of probiotics, and a package arrived in the mail explaining how my eating choices can positively (or negatively) affect the planet.  Apparently somebody “out there” took my vow seriously.


    I’m excited…and I’m overwhelmed.  There is so much information!  The key to my success (and to maintaining my sanity) will be to take everything one day at a time.


    Today I am actually going drink the recommended 8 glasses of water.  I’m ensuring I achieve my goal by carrying a commuter mug with me at all times.  I’m also going to drink tea instead of coffee.

    (*Remember to drink your water before or after meals, not during, as this dilutes our precious digestive enzymes that help us digest and absorb the nutrients in our food.)


    I am also going to get in 30 minutes of walking.  No excuses. 

    To ensure this I’ve invited my sister along.  It’s true what they say – the more the merrier!


    Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow only exists in the mind. Living in the moment is an art form.  Here’s to creat

    ing a masterpiece!


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    Matuso Basho Haiku

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 1:22 PM [General]

    If you have not discovered the beauty of the Haiku, I urge you to do so.  This elegant style of Japanese poetry inspires one to enjoy the wonders of simplicity.


    Here is a Haiku from the famous poet, Matuso Basho:


    Temple bells die out.
    The fragrant blossoms remain.
    A perfect evening!


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    Sunday, July 5, 2009, 3:07 PM [General]

    July 4th fireworks are still bright in my minds eye.  I can see every color vividly, bursting in jubilant celebration.  A sense of pride and happiness overcomes me - how lucky I am to live in this country.


    There was an article in the TIMES this morning on the worsening condition in North Korea.  The dictating ruling party has banned the trade of most Chinese products and the sale of soybeans (a staple in the North Korean diet) resulting in the near extermination of the open air markets that sustain the people.  One North Korean woman is quoted as saying, “If they don’t give us food and clothing and we’re not allowed to buy things, how can we survive?”


    So often I am involved in debates as to whether or not we are actually “free” here in America.  With giant corporations monopolizing business, special interest groups funding nearly every politician, and the duty of personal responsibly practically nonexistent, I sometimes feel as if I am being spoon-fed sugar coated garbage to keep me complacent.  Then I read an article like the one today and my world is brought back into perspective.


    I woke up this morning to the sound of birds chirping.  I am currently enjoying a delicious cup of imported Hawaiian Kona coffee.  In a few hours I’ll be sunbathing (nude!) in my beautiful back yard.  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new work week, one filled with colleague meetings, workshops and sound demonstrations.


    I am blessed.  I am in love with life.  I am free.


    Comment Question:

    What are the things in your life that inspire a sense of freedom?

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    To Savor A Peach

    Saturday, July 4, 2009, 3:02 PM [General]

    I have been treating food like the enemy.  This revelation has shocked me to my core.  I have been directing endless negative energy towards my food.  By being suspicious of the calories, terrified of the fat content, and resentful of the preparation, I have been subconsciously sabotaging the very stuff that is supposed to be nourishing my temple. 

    For over a year I have been trying to heal myself of a digestive problem.  Three different doctors have diagnosed me with the same exact issue – I don’t digest my food.  Not a single one knew the reason why or could offer any solution.  I have tried every diet imaginable to remedy the problem only to have it persist and strengthen. 

    It all makes perfect sense now.  No wonder my body has been rejecting the food I put into it.  My body has simply been in tune with my negative attitude and mindset.  Having read both The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and bought my own copy of “The Secrete”, one would think I would have tied the two together long ago.


    These days it is common knowledge that our ailments in our body are closely connected to our emotional and mental state.  What we think affects every aspect of our reality.  Our perception alters our experience.  I have been perceiving food as the enemy, an evil force that could make me gain weight, get me sick, or slow me down.  The old saying, “You are what you eat” has never rang so true.


    Being a proactive person, I am taking the steps necessary to change my relationship regarding food. Here is what I am doing to improve my eating habits:


    1.      NO MORE GUILT – Every time I feel guilty about eating food I am going to replace the feeling with a positive affirmation such as, “My temple deserves to be loved and respected. I am worthy of nourishment and health”

    2.      LISTEN TO MY STOMACH – Instead of eating or not eating what my head is telling me, I am going to tune into my stomach.  How does my tummy feel when I think about eating that sandwich?  How does my body react when I visualize drinking that soda?  It’s time to trust my body’s wisdom.

    3.      SAVOR EVERY BITE  I am going to truly taste my food.  I’m going to take the time to smell the aroma, to feel the texture on my tongue, to fully chew and slowly swallow.  I am going to make each bite a loving experience.


    It will take time to change my old patterns of behavior, but I know with awareness and dedication I will be able to leave behind my limiting beliefs concerning food and embrace new, positive ones.  In the weeks to come I’ll let you know how I am doing with the process.


     Here is sutra 49 from “The Radiance Sutras” to help you enjoy and improve your own experience with food:


    When sipping some ambrosia,

    Raise your glass, close your eyes.

    Receive the nectar on your tongue

    As a kiss.

    Toast the universe,

    For the Sun and Moon,

    Earth and rain

    Danced together

    To bring you this wine.


    Tasting chocolate, a ripe peach, your favorite treat,

    Savor the expanding joy in your body.

    How astonishing, to realize the world can taste so good and please you so deeply.

    Rising pleasure, overwhelming jubilation.

    Be here for this celebration

    As nature offers her substance to you.


    Have a wonderful July 4th holiday!  Awaken your senses and savor every bite!


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    Hypnotize Me!

    Friday, July 3, 2009, 5:48 PM [General]

    I'm not into gimmicks or tricks.  I like facts.  I like stability.  I like grounded.  That being said, I am completely fascinated by the possibility of the unknown, and I'm willing to admit I know very little. 


    I met Ghazal at the monthly staff meeting held at our facility.  With her kind eyes and quick smile she and I connected right away.  In no time flat I agreed to have a hypnotherapy session with her.  I had heard talk that hypnotherapy could be wonderfully transformational.  Though skeptical, I was willing to give it a shot, just  as long as I wasn't going to be turned into a squawking chicken or be made to think I was in love with a broom.  Deal.


    When we met I was surprised to find how relaxed I was.  I had expected to feel nervous or anxious about meeting with someone who was barely an acquaintance to dive into the depths of my subconscious. 


    Lesson number one: Never make assumptions.


    Ghazal invited me to become comfortable and the process began.  Her soothing voice had a melodic quality to it that carried me deep into a state of peace.  Though "under" (which is hypno lingo to describe being in a state of trance) I was amazed by the level of awareness I experienced.


    Lesson number two: The ability to focus the mind can create bliss.


    After about a half hour or so of being under Ghazal brought me gently back to what she deemed my "normal" state, though let me assure you, there was nothing ordinary about it.  For the next 3 days I was flying on the most beautiful, natural high of awareness, laughter, and love.


    Lesson number three: The authentic self is childlike in nature - open, free, loving.


    I would recommend hypnotherapy.  I do acknowledge that having a background in meditation makes it easier to focus and drown out all other thoughts, but I feel anyone can benefit from the treatment facilitated by an educated, in tune hypnotherapist.  One thing to remember when going for a session is to have a goal in mind.  Knowing what you want to work on will expedite the process.


    What was my goal you ask?  My goal was to improve my relationship with food.  I have the tendency to scarf down my meals quickly and then feel guilty about it later.  Not the experience I want to have.  Did it work?


    Well, let me tell you about the peach ...


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