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  • God, I don’t know if you’re listening Or if you’re even there But I’m here to talk. God, I don’t know if I believe, Or if I ever will. I ... more
  • I have been thinking about the "soul" lately, and trying to figure out what I think about it. Clearly there is no simple ... more
  • For me Judaism is about action. It's about what we do to make this world a better place. Judaism is more concerned about this world than ... more

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    Thank you for being a member of our Community.

    October 2, 2009
    9:01 PM
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    Thank you for your friendship response. May the grace of our Heavenly Father forever enfold you.

    September 4, 2008
    1:05 PM
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    What's up with you? I've just sent DD1 (oldest daughter) off to college and managed to get the other two into high school classes (major angst about mixed up schedules the first week). Busy busy times. Hope you are doing fine. Pam

    August 27, 2008
    11:22 PM
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