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    Greatest Country in the World?

    Sunday, July 5, 2009, 9:27 PM [General]

    Hi, my name is Jamie and I'd just like to say a few words and I hope that you don't mind. First of all I want to say America is truly a wonderful country. I was even willing to fight for America in our U.S Airforce. However, I would also like to say that first of all, God tells us not to judge others least of all, we be judged. He also tells us to live in humility. As Americans we were founded on christian beliefs, however, now we do not take heed on these beliefs. In general, we believe we are better than all the other countries...we are also hiding our christian beliefs in general (on which our constitution was founded on). We also do not try hard enough to teach our children about the Lord. Does this really make America the greatest country in the world? I love America as much as the next, however I can't really say that we are the greatest for the lord says "do not judge". We are not only judging just one person, we are judging the world. Also by trying to prove ourselves as Americans, we, as a nation, do not live in humility. We need to bring the Lord back into the picture as our constitution had intended. Even our children are suffering for our ignorance...children are the way they are now, crimes are worse now because of our generation in general. I mean no judgement and I mean no offense to other religions, and if you're not open minded don't read this. If you are, think upon how Americans live now and think about what we've done as a nation, try if you may, to see where I'm coming from with this. If you must, make a list of all the sins we have committed as a nation and then make your choice. Maybe we once were (when we as a nation was more religious) the greatest nation but...Do we really deserve to call ourselves the greatest nation in the world now?

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    Saturday, June 13, 2009, 5:56 PM [General]


    This is my first time on here so I really don't know what to type, so um, I guess here goes...

    I am more than open talking to people and in fact I welcome anyone, especially those with advice for me.  If you need advice, I feel fairly new to christianity (though I've gone to church my whole life and I have been baptised), but if you need advice or someone to talk to, I will be more than happy to assist you the best I can, if I don't know how to help, I will either find out how to help you or I will find someone who CAN help you.  Please feel free to write me. Oh and ps- I am open to all religions and I actually enjoy learning about all the different religions and theories.  So even if you're a different religion please feel free to write me as well, as long as you're also open to other religions (we can debate, but I won't listen to hate) ("Judge not, least of all you be judged") God bless you.

    • Praise: First of all, my family and I are all still here today.  He has given me an opportunity to go to college, and a potential job opportunity.  He has given me this website, which I hope will help keep my faith alive.  He has given me some time to myself and the strength to keep going when I don't get to have time for myself.  My husband and I are having a good day together.  My husband (Freddie) still has his job.  Freddie and I have my parents house alone to ourselves for the past couple days.  We have food in the house and clothes on our backs.  I also would like to praise him for all the little things I have missed.


    • Prayers: I would like to pray for everyone in basic training right now, and people who have to discontinue their training (whether they want to go home or not).  I would also like to pray for my "sister" who I am about to help.  I would like to pray for my husband, that he may understand what I had gone through and how God really does work.  I would like to pray for my parents who are on the truck right now (my dad is an over-the-road truck driver, whose company is failing him).  My mother also has a LOT of medical problems and I pray that they don't hinder her.  I pray for all of those who have any ailments, that they may believe in the Lord and be healed.  I pray for patience for myself, Lord knows I need it.  I also pray that I may be able to get a job and go to college, along with all the other people here that needs/wants financial assistance/help.  I pray that God's will will be done.
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