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    More Money and Happiness?

    Sunday, June 13, 2010, 11:14 AM [General]

    I recently read an article that says that research has actually proved that if a person has too much money, they tend to be less happy than people with less money.  Even thinking about money decreases happiness.  This is an actual scientific study, as opposed to the examples in life that we see all the time !

    This makes sense to me, and probably most readers here since a focus on money and "things" may create a temporary spike in happiness by creating a distraction.  It does not fulfill a real inner need, so it is shorter lived.  It is a distraction or illusion.  The exception being having enough money to fulfill your basic needs, of course.  Rent and Food, etc.  Some people have less needs than others as well. 

    This article is really struck home to me.  In the past I made a fairly good income  I could afford most things that I wanted.  Then I had several things hit at once and I was in a situation for over a year when I did not have enough to pay all of my bills and cover any "extra" expenses, like vetrinary bills or an emergency room trip.  It literally was a situation where I had to choose between refilling a prescription or putting a couple of gallons of gas in my car.  I do not live near mass transit, so... y answer was refilling the prescription, by the way.

    Recently, my legal fight to get a retirement came to a successful conclusion, and now I have some extra moenyafter expenses and other needs are met.  It does not go very far, but it is a much better situation.  I am saving a bit for emergencies and upcoming expenses such as license tags, keeping some for taxes and giving some to charities.  I still have some more left over.  I have to decide what I want to do with the "some left over", and it is somewhat of a struggle.  I need to keep some for medical bills, replace broken items or buy needed items, such as fans for my room.  And what am I forgetting to think about? 

    So this is a definite example of the result, lol.  I am definitely happier and better off than when I couldn't pay my bills of course.  Too many choices, and not enough clarity, lol.

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    New Article: What NOT to say during a Job Interview

    Friday, November 20, 2009, 10:21 AM [General]

    This is pretty good.  You can find it here:


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    We Can't Always Get What We Want...

    Sunday, November 15, 2009, 9:34 PM [General]

    Let me start by saying that if people were perfect, they would not be in incarnation on the planet.  This is true except in very rare cases when highly evolved spiritual beings, who have freed themselves from the cycle of rebirth, incarnate to fulfill specific purposes.  As I said, this is a very rare occurence and it may be hundreds of years or more between these happenings. 


    That leaves the rest of us.  By definition, we are all works in progress.  We are working on resolving and clearing up our blocks and issues.  And we are building our spiritual bodies, and making our manifesting bodies and chakras stronger as our life goes on and we experience and learn more.


    So why can't we have it all now?  Let me ask this question.  Do we have the knowledge of what we really want?  Of what we really need?  Or do we just know (or think that we know) what the next step is?  Do we want the same things and have the same understandings today that we had ten years ago?  In college or high school?  Middle school?  grade school?   I hope not!    As we experience life, our understanding changes and our needs and wants change as well.


    Then lets not forget our Soul plans.  Our Soul has its own plans for us and helps to create the situations and experiences that we need to learn and grow in each incarnation.  Building the foundation and stories of our selves in good order, if you will.  So, should our manifesting selves have the final say in what we want or need, or should our Souls?  Personally, I'll take my soul's plans every time.  That is the true meaning of going with the flow / current, etc.  It does get stronger as time and lives go on.  We always have free will, and can resist, if we choose though.


    But ultimately, we wind up getting what we need, even if we take the harder road.

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    Introduction to Me and My Path

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 4:04 PM [General]

    A good friend, Sherri from Oregon, said that my Astrology chart is a Tsunami, wipeing everything away, giving a new, clean slate for my life.  This was based on Transits a few years ago. 


    It was and is true.  Every foundation that I had is gone.  Any certanties I had are gone.  My flexibility has increased 1000% :-).  The person that I had been in the past is gone, except for memories and some bio-chemical imbalances.  I believe that life is a balance of five things.  Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Financial.  The goal is for them to be successfully balanced.  Some people would say that we must focus on the Spiritual Exclusively.  I disagree.  Just as too much emotion or too much financial can warp and twist a person, so can too much of anything.  Too much spiritual, without balancing emotion, for example, leads to lack of compassion for others.  The legs (?) parts(?) areas (?) are not equal when they are balanced, of course.  And the balance points are different for each person.  And they keep changing as we move through life and learn. 


    When We get one thing into balance, it unbalances another part or two.  I can see a steel toy star in my mind with five points.  It has a hole in the middle, and a rod with a slight zigs and zags in the rod.  The star is clanking slowly up the rod as each area rises up a little bit.  Noisy as a child's metal toy would be, of course.  Not elegant, I'm afraid, but fun to watch!  Harder to describe than moving up a spiral circle.  That's for sure.

    The one truism that I know is that almost all of us on the planet are here because we are not perfect.  If we were perfect, we would not be here learning life's lessons and growing.  The very few that are freed from the cycle of rebirth are here to help humanity, and it is ours to help them help, and to help ourselves as well.  If we focus totally on helping others, and not ourselves as well, we are ignoring people who also need help.  Still we must balance our needs with everything else that we must do.  Not easy.  The important things and right things don't seem to be.

    It's interesting to see what I wrote.  I did not know what it would be until I wrote it.  I trust my Soul and intuition to give me what I need.  But I have to keep the other areas balanced, too!

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