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  • I think I have found an explanation:There are four kinds of clinging that I must try and turn away from in my life...1. CLINGING TO ... more
  • this is a link to an April 2008 interview with Shirley Manson in Edinburgh.
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    Namasthe --- I am deeply touched by what you wrote....What you wrote is very thought provoking and came from your inner self.............. " I believe that the greatest and most beautiful thing about the spiritual search is that it is as endless and deep as the great Mystery itself. So I keep sinking in, taking the walk, learning…and hopefully, growing."

    September 20, 2008
    10:58 PM
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    Thank you to all who have signed my guest book. I've been a little out of pocket lately - just busy with being a mom and working...all things in love, though. So nice to come here and meet new friends.

    Inner Poet
    July 6, 2008
    1:49 PM
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    Thanks for welcoming me as a friend here on beliefnet! I too am mostly, well not a mom, but a dad! I've got five sons... I can't believe the oldest just turned 18! Nice to see you mentioned the Darjeeling Limited. We loved it too (my wife and I, she's here too as "emerging butterfly" if you want to get to know her too). We love Owen Wilson in just about everything (our boys do too). I think he's funniest in Zoolander, but he's always great. And he did an outstanding job in Darjeeling... It's funny, our whole family was crushed last year when we heard of his suicide attempt... hard to think that someone that has brought so many smiles and so much laughter to so many people could be so sad himself! I hope he's doing better, and am looking forward to seeing his new movie, though it looks a little weak... the one about him as security guard to kids. Anyways, I'm also looking forward to seeking the Love Guru. Have you seen it yet? My kids also love the Life Aquatic (and I love all the Bowie songs in Portuguese by Seu Jorge). Have a great day! Peace, Ty

    Ty Clement
    June 23, 2008
    8:15 PM
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