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    Learning the Truth

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 10:08 AM [General]

    Right now I feel betrayed.  I trusted that everything the WTS from its inception was coming from Jehovah.  And therefore always true.  But the WTS publications past and present as various post on this forum and throughout the internet, prove something very different. 

    What is most disturbing is finding this out actually puts one in danger of being tracked down, virally stalked, monitored so as to collect anything that can be falsefied into a "reason" to label a person a "danger to the congregation". What a paradox..learning the truth about the "Truth" is a danger to those sad.


    In the 1st century Jehovah's holy spirit reliably revealed real courruption of truth.. but now it is bewilderinig as to what spirit is leading whom as these post demonstrate:


    Rather heartbreaking, and psychologically devestating as described here:
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    Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 5:23 PM [General]

    I'm sorry that anyone has to experience the conflicted feelings that come when ones good faith has been compromised by betrayal of trust.  I have seen this with some I have had bible study with of other faiths.   For some it was demoralizing, and they quickly traded their truths, for those I brought them...except I had not done what I asked them to do...until now.  Sorry for the 'mellow-drama' but I now know what they went through, but worse maybe will even again.  


    The solid truths at the core  of Jw beliefs of what the bible teach,  about death, and hell, Jesus position before God, christian neutrality, birthdays, and pagan holidays that have long been established and endure,  and  obeying Jesus command to preach about his Kingdom rule, are what is important.  


    If WTS society would stop scripturally unsupported uninspired attempts at fullfilling  and interpreting prophecy( 1874,1925..counting the number of partakers that do not represent scripturally anyone)   And act with faith that Jehovah will do all that he said toward those whom he wishes they could avert the judgment  of condemnation and rejection that Jehovah has consistently maintained for the genuinely  hand picked  anointed  who did not obey fully, acted with presumptuousness, and dishonesty, (Saul, David,...) and actually still find favor.   This will mean a complete overhaul.  


    Otherwise some  who feel defrauded, could seek legal means to reconcile whatever the impact and influence and the premise by which they accepted and acted on ,  the WTS, counsel,  and the effect of some WTS conflicting statements  on their life. 


    Spritually, emotionally, psychologically devastating as described here:

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