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    [quote author=60629566 post=411544089] As I said to martha, For anyone considering or are studying with Jehovah's Witnesses Thats great! What do you enjoy most about your studies? It is important to do as the apostles said, (Philippians 1:8-11) 8 For God is my witness of how I am yearning for all of YOU in such tender affection as Christ Jesus has. 9 And this is what I continue praying, that YOUR love may abound yet more and more with accurate knowledge and full discernment; 10 that YOU may make sure of the more important things, so that YOU may be flawless and not be stumbling others up to the day of Christ, 11 and may be filled with righteous fruit, which is through Jesus Christ, to God’s glory and praise. . . (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21) . . .. 21 Make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine. . . For supplemental reading until you get your own Watchtower Library, the Official Watchtower site is helpful. You will see that our beliefs about, hellfire, trinity, non veneration of the cross, and no military service, and a restored paradise earth under Jesus Kingdom rule have been held by various christian religions of the past centuries, such as the Waldenses, Anabaptist, Bogomils, Aranians, and especially Socinians. Even now there are a few religions that have some, or all of these beliefs too. So many know what the bible really teaches, but not all accept these basic genuine truths. I was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses under 12 yrs of age, and here on this forum for the first time am making a critical and careful examination of the Watchtower as they recommend. I must say I have learned a lot. Some Jehovah's Witnesses find that Witnesses who ask questions, about errors in our literature, and imperfect human interpretations are not witnesses, of course that is not how Jesus apostles felt (Acts 17:10-11) . . .. 11 Now the latter were more noble-minded than those in Thes‧sa‧lo‧ni′ca, for they received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so. (Acts 17:2-3) . . .So according to Paul’s custom he went inside to them, and for three sabbaths he reasoned with them from the Scriptures, 3 explaining and proving by references that it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead, and [saying]: “This is the Christ, this Jesus whom I am publishing to YOU.” Of course everything the apostles taught was inspired of God, and infallible, yet their teachings were constantly challenged, and examined...a good example for all. Enjoy your new friends! [/quote]

    May 25, 2010
    12:28 PM
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    Newtonian,WTS said they were completly cleansed,and refined by Jehovah: Highlights from Isaiah's Prophecy-2 chap. 27 pages 397 Jehovah Blesses Pure Worship These words in Isaiah harmonize with two other prophetic utterances, the one recorded at Ezekiel 43:4, 6-9 and the other at Malachi 3:1-5. Both Ezekiel and Malachi foretell a time when Jehovah God comes to his temple. Malachi’s prophecy shows that Jehovah comes to inspect his house of pure worship and to act as a Refiner, rejecting those who misrepresent him. Ezekiel’s vision depicts Jehovah as entering the temple and demanding that all traces of immorality and idolatry be removed. In the modern-day fulfillment of these prophecies, there was an important spiritual development in 1918 in connection with Jehovah’s worship. Jehovah and Jesus evidently made an inspection of all of those claiming to represent pure worship. That inspection led to the final casting off of corrupt Christendom. For Christ’s anointed followers, the inspection meant a brief period of refinement followed by a swift spiritual restoration in 1919.—1 Peter 4:17. (end of highlights from article) Of course that was not the case as you correctly stated. WTS continued to celebrate christmas, and birthdays, and venerate the cross several years after.(discontinued 1926 and 1936 respectively) So their previous interpretations, of being cleansed and refined by Jehovah for "pure worship" were incorrect, less they reproach Jehovah's holy actions. With regards to the 2,300 days, niether by any stretch of the imagination, nor wishful thinking is WTS application true biblical,nor historical chronology sadly. Their interpretive counting of that prophetic time period to the datesyou mentioned, 1938-1944 contradicts their previous interpretation: Highlights from Watchtower 1959 10/1 ppages 600-601 Part 23: “Your Will Be Done on Earth” The article coments (...Beyond all denial, then, there was “transgression” on the part of the symbolic ‘small horn,’ the Anglo-American Dual World Power, in working for the restoring of the idolatrous “image” of the political “wild beast” to be worshiped by all peoples after World War II. In this way it was using insight and causing deception to succeed “in his hand.” This was occurring at the same time that it was hindering the sacrificial “constant feature” and trampling on Jehovah’s “holy place.” Here was “transgression” indeed...) (...If we accept this as fulfilling the prophecy of the “transgression that causeth appalment” or “that makes desolate,” when is it that the sanctuary should be “victorious” (JP), “vindicated” (Ro), “justified” (Le), “cleansed” (AS, AV, LXX), or “be restored to its rightful state” (RS)? It should be “two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings” after that transgression so appalling and so certain to result in a desolation. If the Bible rule for counting prophetic time is applied as already set out, a prophetic year of 360 days being taken as the basic unit, 2,300 evenings and mornings would amount to six years four months and twenty days, each day being composed of an evening and a morning. (Gen. 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31) Count now from the beginning of this International Convention of London on May 25, 1926, and we shall find that the 2,300 days of evenings and mornings bring us to October 15, 1932. How was Jehovah’s “sanctuary” cleansed, vindicated or restored to its rightful state by that date? Examine the official journal of Jehovah’s witnesses, The Watchtower, as of that date. Note page 319. That page sets out the Resolution adopted by the New York company of Jehovah’s witnesses on October 5, 1932. (end of highlights of article) How does Jehovah feel about this type of teachings in his name?

    April 28, 2010
    7:46 AM
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    Imperfect-tense - Our refining did not end in 1919 - as you correctly have noted. It was only in 1931 that the prophecy in Acts 15:17 was fulfilled and we began to be called by God's name - perhaps we were not worthy of that privilege before 1931. The "right condition" in our organization was not achieved until the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 which we currently believe ran from 1938 - 1944. And, the light still gets brighter - Proverbs 4:18 - until the day is firmly established - whenever that proves to be. We need to endure to the end! (Mt. 24:13)

    March 28, 2010
    2:07 AM
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