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    Thursday, June 2, 2011, 6:17 PM [General]

    I am trying to find myself on this.  Why do the written words of our faiths use a pronoun for the creator?  I feel that we are all of one source, energy, or origin.  That we were created (I'm not speaking strictly of our physical form), and do serve under an order of goodness and divinity, and of a universal rule.  The more I read of the various religious books, the less difference I can find between them.  They convey the same message, and to the same end.  My only discourse is the personification of the weaver of our web, the creator of our cosmos, and the pool from which all life springs and ultimately returns.  Have you ever tried to describe a color, or emotion with accuracy to someone unaware?  Had they not seen nor felt, it is merely conjecture.  And if they had seen or felt, the message would still be limited by feeble mind or untrained tongue.  If you are on this site, then you feel something.  The question is, not what, but how do you feel?  I'd venture we are not so different regardless of the symbols that adorn our books.


    Do good

    do well

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    Four Truths

    Thursday, May 26, 2011, 8:18 PM [General]

    Started reading the Four Noble Truths.  I easily understand so far, and seem to have already started that path.  The only thing I disagree with is the basic premise that life is suffering, and that to become enlightened would end your rebirths.  As if your goal is to leave this place, and not return.  If the truths are logical (which they are very), it would be a flaw to seek permanence of mind, when we are by nature impermanent.  To go against our nature is not in accordance with that very Dharma.  And to seek to disconnect yourself from rebirth is to not be accepting of your own impermanence.  I guess my point is that we are alive, if only in increments.  It is natural, and there is good in that nature.  It is the nature within us that causes both the pursuit of happiness and the cause of our own suffering.  That duality is what makes us human.

    Please don't misunderstand.  The philosophy is sound in those truths, and I do completely understand what is being said.  True understanding of the suffering of our world both within and external to ourselves should be a universal goal, if only to help our neighbors.  In our relationships it is critical to understand the pains of our mates.  That said, my point:  It is said that we first need to identify a problem before we can sense the need for a solution, then design a solution, and lastly a path to that solution.  For without the suffering, we would not know to develop a solution.  If our goal is to end the cause of the suffering, then by design we would also be ending the solutions.  Without conflict, we do not grow.  And what of those sufferings that are external?  Should you accept that your brother is being harmed? Or should you act with volition against his offender?

    I would love some guidance on this.



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    How many is too many.....frogs?

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 10:19 PM [General]

    At this site, I work from a large steel shield that protects me from the front should a bomb detonate.  Abput 7ft cubed and open in the back.  At nights, I cover the entrance with a tarp to keep the birds and fox out of the trashbag inside.

    Monday morning, upon removing the tarp, I discovered two very small frogs.  It appreared that they had been born the night prior, and were in need of a body of water.  I collected them, and carried them to the marsh neer the shield, about ten yards off.

    Tuesday morning, I find ten frogs.  Again freshly born, and in need of water.  Obviously I collected them, and took them to the marsh.

    This morning, I find more than 100 frogs in my shield.  All very small, and in need.  There were far too many to collect, and I was fearful that I may accidentally step on one.  My solution was to herd them toward the water as one would sheep.  Successfully, far more than half found their way, and those remaining were no longer in danger of being stepped on.

    Two things occured to me.  1) The tarp that protected the trash, also protected the frogs.  The shield that protects me, protected them.  2) My presence, though surely frightning to the little ones, was a crucial element to their escape.  Without my presence, they would have either died from heat, or been eaten.

    Several questions also came to mind.  How many is too many?  At what count in quantity or in days does one become careless with life?  What if tomorrow there are 1000?  Do I spend my days as a frog herder, or accept that some will die because I have other tings to do?  Are they less important?  At what point do we stop trying to help?

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    Everyday a journey

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 7:04 PM [General]

    With every dream, choice, or experience, we travel.  Sometimes toward, and sometimes away from the things that we believe we deserve.


    Today, I took a few more steps down my path.  Learning more about various philosophies and religions, and saving baby frogs from certain dehydration, all while forgetting the Buddha's teachings as I indiscriminately swat at nearby flies.  Though the knowledge and understanding is growing as effortlessly as getting wet in a thunderstorm, I think it's going to be a long walk.  I'm just now getting my feet wet.



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    Monday, May 23, 2011, 6:18 PM [General]

    It's interesting that even in only a few mins of joining this site, I've already learned something new about myself.  It seems there are many good people here, and a lot of information yet to be discovered.



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