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    Hi Trish,Ihave been trying to contact you but for some reason i cant access my account so i had to start a new one.Iam kinda upset about it because i have lost all my friends and half to start from scratch.The saddie account is still there but i cant get to my messages.I see you have been going through alot of changes with your familey its hard when your kids move away huh? That why i live in georgia now my youngest daughter moved here first.Well i look forward to hearing from you your friend Sheryl

    March 19, 2010
    12:29 PM
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    Hello,Just read your blog so are you looking foreward to the move? I hate packing and unpacking i always have twice as much junk then i had before haha.I told my husband when we moved from michigan to georgia that this was the last time.Well iam going to say good night i havent felt to good today for some reason.Ihope you have a wonderful time with your grandson this weekend your friend Sheryl/ saddie

    January 26, 2010
    11:24 PM
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    Hi Huggie,My blood presure was down a little i half to go back thursday to get checked again.Thanks for asking.We got about 2 inches it was the ice that made it so bad i live in the mts in north georgia so its really hilley and curvey the schools were closed for 3 days.It was only 5 degrese and the ice wouldnt melt.But yesterday it was 60 felt like a heat wave ha ha.I will be hopeing and praying for your son to find work soon tell him to stay strong and try not to worry himself to much.Here in the mts we half to be careful with fire because there is alot of forest i moved here from michigan it is flat. Georgia would shut down completly if thay got snow like iam used to live in haha.Well i better go for now stay in touch.LOL AND HUGS YOUR FRIEND SADDIE

    January 16, 2010
    10:04 AM
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