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    Hello Everyone, I am new also to this group. I do need to learn to stress less and sometimes just by riding my motorcycle I am free in the wind and go with the flow of things. I feel that it relaxes me after I am done riding. I also find that if I find a nice quiet place in the house and mediate for a while I can connect to the higher self and find what I am looking for as for answer to what I am stress out with. And exercise is a stress reliever. I will go to the gym and find what I can do to relieve stress there. I will go swimming to just relax or sit in the hot tub too. Alexandra

    March 25, 2009
    6:33 PM
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    Greetings, I'm known by many of you as Wisdom. I joined this group to offer my support through the WINGS OF PRAYER. Just close your eyes and open your heart and feel your worries and cares depart, just yield yourself to the Heavenly Host above and let the heavens and all it's glory hold you secure in the Agape (love) secure in Holy Spirit. For life on earth grows more involved with endless problems that can't be solved...but the Holy Spirit only asks us to do our best, then He will do the rest. So, when you are tired, discouraged, and blue, there's always one door that is open to you and that is the door of prayer. You will find the Holy Spirit waiting to meet you there. The house of no farther away than the quiet spot where you kneel and pray. For the heart is a temple when the Holy Spirit is there. As we place ourselves in His loving care, He hears every prayer and answers each one. When we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, "Thy will be done"...and the burdens that seemed too heavy to bear are lifted away on the WINGS OF PRAYER. Wisdom~

    March 21, 2009
    5:56 PM
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    Hi! Im new to this entire site and I just joined this group. Who wouldn't be interested in less stress? Looking forward to reading good tips and meeting new friends., Leila

    March 3, 2009
    11:15 AM
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