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    It has taken me many,many,many years to know how to cope and deal with everyday stress in my life.I have found out doing these things,like crossword puzzles,praying,and medatiating on God's words which has and is very inspiration for me.This is the way to go by following on the words of God.Amen

    October 28, 2009
    5:35 PM
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    hi everybody i am the newest member of this group,i write on religion,prophecy,the spiritual,the paranormal and well being from my site

    October 28, 2009
    4:42 AM
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    I learned some really great techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety recently when my son was in the hospital. It can be something as simple as breathing. Find a nice quiet spot to sit down. (stop) Sit back. Take a deep breath in slowly through your nose [breathe in until your belly pops out like a basketball, it sounds silly, but it works. You might have to try it a few times] (breathe) Let it out slowly through your mouth. (relax) Then, remember everything is going to be okay. Think about what exactly you need to do to go on with your day. (focus) These four little steps have helped me tremendously over the last few months. Stop. Breathe. Relax. Focus. Once you get the hang of it, it kind of just comes naturally.

    October 21, 2009
    4:41 AM
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    I would so appreciate hearing from fellow members who would like to meet new people. I would be so glad to chat and possibly become new friends! Thanks, Tiger_mom

    September 18, 2009
    10:06 PM
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    Stress is something we all have to deal with in our everyday life. I realize few ways to stress less is by praying and singing songs of praise. Sometimes doing something good to help others keep your mind off the issues that causes stress in your life. Be bless everyone.

    August 23, 2009
    10:38 PM
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    snit This is a little late reply, but I hope you get a chance to view it. I can't say I know first hand of dealing with a spouse on crack or any other drugs, however, I can share my recommendation to you. I look at that situation like any other unreasonable behavior from a spouse (alcoholic, incest, cheaters, etc), you should remove yourself from that relationship. Now before anyone say "til death do us part", please keep in mind that you are not doing your spouse any good by staying in the relationship when he/she is not taking responsibility to transform from their habit(s). In fact, it would change from one unhealthy person to two unhealthy people in the marriage. You will not be healthy (physically, emotionally nor psychologically) in a relationship of such. Therefore, what's the point. You can be of better help away from the situation or relationship and pray for your spouse and if you can, help with other interventions that will result in an alternative result. I can't believe how some people holds the institute of marriage to irreconciliable circumstances. We all were designed by GOD for a purpose. Neither of our purposes are to disregard our GOD given duties in lieu of nursing a spouse of whom is not taking the responsibility to move toward repair. What in the world could you do with that? I have too much respect for the institute of marriage to see such dysfunction for the sake of "being married". Being married requires work, commitment by both parties and a relationship with God to support all adversity and challenges that this world presents. If only one of you are in a position to care that much, there's no way for you to proceed on your purpose if you are draining energy on someone who is not ready to commit to a better and healthier change.

    August 9, 2009
    1:51 AM
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    Advice needed. What to do when you're stressed about a spouse on crack? what actions should you take. you've prayed and prayed but is it healthy to stay and help. he says he wants to stop...need help...but makes no effort to do so. this has been going on for over 10 years.

    July 21, 2009
    12:58 PM
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    YES its been a very spiritualy draining week and i really dont know how to recoup to prep for round two...thank GOD for the SABATH...

    July 18, 2009
    3:31 PM
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    To the comment below...when you accept what is..what it is ie: you can`t pay your bill cause you don`t have the money. You then end your suffering. It is easier said that done..but if you just accept you will find that your life is already less stressful :) do what you can do leave the rest...everything works it way threw...nothing is permanent!

    July 16, 2009
    12:42 AM
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    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stress less over paying on bills when you don't know if you'll have enough money to pay all of them? Snowangl

    July 10, 2009
    3:07 PM
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