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9 years ago  ::  Jan 25, 2009 - 7:40AM #1
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I am so very thankful for our new president I  cry from relief to  have GW finally gone to where he can do considerably less harm to our country.  Now I do realize the impulse to judge the mote in our neighbors eye and ignore the log in our own is a common one and please bear with me.

Have you ever noticed how GW at times just could not seem to think clearly, stumbled over words, was prone to outburst of anger and was downright irritable.  AND he took more  lengthy vacations than any other president.

Perhaps we need to address GW's alcoholism as a reason for understanding the man. It has been said that the man had an IQ of 125, but IQ tests do not account for many considerations which may have little to do with one's emotional intelligence or common sense.

While at Yale GW had upped his drinking considerable from when he started at age 16 at a prep school.  He and his drinking buddies would every Friday put on yellow rain slickers so the would not have to wash the vomit off their clothing bought on by the drunkenness.

He drank  heavily until at age 40 his wife, Laura, gave him an  ultimatum which he says he took and stayed away from alcohol from then on.  Perhaps he did.  Who knows.  I certainly do not.  However the damage to his brain had already been done.

So drinking or not GW was what was called a dry drunk with what is called "Stinking Thinking". Google Dry Drunk Phenomenon and you will understand his actions.  The below is an excerpt from

Still, Bush’s past battles with the bottle are worth pondering at
a time like this, one of the most dangerous in the nation’s history.
When a recovering alcoholic begins to engage in what AA calls “stinking
thinking,” he or she begins to exhibit the old attitudes and
pathologies of their drinking years.

These include an increase in
anxiety, mild tremors, mild depression, disturbed sleep patterns,
inability to think clearly, craving for junk food, irritability, sudden
bursts of anger and unpredictable mood swings. According to AA
literature, “Boredom and listlessness may alternate with intense
feelings of resentment against family and friends, and explosive
outbursts of violence.”

I’ve seen the devastating toll alcoholism can take. My brother was an
honors student in college when he began drinking heavily (party
drinking, as was the tradition at southern colleges back then). By the
time he was in his mid-30s, real and dramatic changes had occurred in
his metabolism and brain chemistry.

Medical experts told me at the time
that just 15 years of sustained drinking can do irreversible physical
harm of this sort. In other words, even if my brother stopped drinking,
the damage would remain. But by most measuring sticks, my brother was a
functioning member of society. He held jobs, paid his rent and bills,
and made heroic efforts to beat his cursed addiction. He climbed the 12
steps more times than Stallone climbed those steps in Rocky.

 The question is then begged, and seems to at least deserve some pause
for pondering: How did he, at age 56, get so fumble-tongued, incapable
of coherently stringing more than two sentences together, snippily
irritable with anyone who dares disagree with him or even ask a
question, and pointedly ignoring the diminutive, 82-year-old Helen
Thomas at White House press conferences (the paltry few he attends)
because she wrote unfavorably, and truthfully, of him?

How did he
poutily turn his back on the democratically elected president of one of
our most important allies (Germany’s Gerhard Schröder) because of
something one of his underlings said about him? Why is he listlessly in
need of constant vacations and rest, dangerously obsessed with only one
thing (Iraq’s apparently nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, which
must mean that it really was, all along, about the oil) to the
exclusion of all other things (including an economy that is slowly
sucking the life from the nation as well as trashing the retirement
savings of anyone reading these words)?

We can intellectualize all we want about why GW did the things he did and took the roads he did. and some of us will stick with this article as to why GW acted as he did (not including the evil Dick Cheney's influence)

GW was mean spirited, ignorant, arrogant (which is afraid of being afraid), a liar, a bully and ego-maniacal puppet of the Republican Party and Cheney.  He has caused our country untold misery and disruption; I do not doubt he will be seen in years to come for the failure he was.  Alcoholism when sustained for a long time can cause personality changes and he seems to have been one of it's victims.

I could never even approach liking GW.  Every time I saw his self righteous smirk on his face,  I had an urge to find a way to wipe it off his face.  Yes, I am judgemental to this unconscious acting idiot.  I knew he could not be trusted except to line his own pockets and that of the oil companies.

I think time will prove him to be a cold man except for when it met his purposes.  Who else wold send thousands of our men and women to their deaths for the sake of oil and for retribution because they tried to kill his father.  I remember him stating this and it was an AHA minute for me.  We are well rid of him and now we have a calm person with deep integrity who, without the rancor or the pettiness of GW has been and  will continue to work very hard to clean up GW's messes while motivating citizens to work with him and return our country's sense of integrity.

Please feel free to say what you feel or think and thank you for reading my ranting.  I hope God will one day forgive me for how I feel about GW.

Blessings to all and God Speed to President Obama.  I cry inside from  relief and it will continue for some time as it has been a very long 8 years I  have had so much frustration in me that I could not longer stand to even look at GW or Cheney or listen to their voices.

This is only my opinion and I will always recognize others are as valid for them as mine is for me. 


Be gentle with yourself and as Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in others" and I add the world around you will change.
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9 years ago  ::  Jan 25, 2009 - 7:33AM #2
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Do you think GW was  karma for our country's past aberrations.  I had the thought that perhaps it might have had somewhat to do with our country practicing slavery.

And then along comes a much welcomed new President who is both Caucasian and black!    No coincidence.  What do you think? 

Be gentle with yourself and as Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in others" and I add the world around you will change.
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