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9 years ago  ::  Nov 11, 2008 - 11:17PM #1
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Watering Relationships


So this is
                                probably one of the most profound insights I think I have had in a while.


To explain, a story about

                                When you have a plant you must
                                water the plant, give the plant sunlight, make sure it has good soil, make sure
                                the pot is big enough, etc.


If you want to keep the
                                plant (alive) then you have to do these specific things.


If you don't do
                                what the plant needs, the plant leaves (dies).


People are the same way,
                                only we all "need" different things.


Some people need:

  • To be told how much
                                        they are loved
  • Touched
  • Gifts Bought for them
  • Time Spent with them
  • A feeling of being
  • A feeling of being
  • To be needed
  • Not to be needed
  • Freedom to do what they
  • To have everything
                                        planned for them
  • To go out and do
                                        things together
  • To stay in and do
                                        nothing together

And the catch is, if you
                                don't water each person in their unique way they want to be watered,
                                that person will leave.


So if you have kids, find
                                out how they need to be watered, and water them that way. They will be smarter,
                                happier, and listen more often.


If you have a spouse,
                                find out how your spouse likes to be watered and water them in that way. They
                                will be happier, easier to get a long with, less arguments, and do more for you
                                as well.


If you have friends or
                                other family members - find out how they like to be watered and water
                                them frequently and often in that way.


If you have a boss, co-workers
                                or employees, find out how they like to be watered and water them in that way.


How do you find out how
                                everyone likes to be watered?

                                Ask them.


You could ask them
                                possible things like:

  • How do you know you
                                        are loved? When someone does X or you feel X, then you know you are loved.
  • What is the one thing
                                        you would not want to live without from me? Touch, me saying I love you, me
                                        doing things for you?

Or whatever else you want
                                to ask to find out how they want your attention (or don't)

I found this on line somewhere but it is pertinent.

Be gentle with yourself and as Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in others" and I add the world around you will change.
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9 years ago  ::  Nov 12, 2008 - 10:35AM #2
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Jesus used parables to get his message across.  All parables used nature to explain human nature. 

God bless, J

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