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10 years ago  ::  Jan 22, 2008 - 9:14PM #21
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Mary, Dee, thank you for your kind words, glad they resonate for you.  I do not know very much, this life is a learning process, and step by step, we move along our path toward our home, Source, God, Creator.  Life is a joyous process if we can only allow it to be, and we alone make that choice for ourselves.  Our Chi, is just a reflection of how we envision, feel, and know our connection with our Source, and this connection is ever changing and growing as we change our vision of Self and Creator.  Where ever we are, what ever we think, feel and believe, Creators Love is constant, and as we change along our path, our ability to accept Creators Love grows as well. 


Has anyone ever seen others energy shining around them?  Has anyone ever felt another energy when you walk up to them, you know how they either attract or repel your state of energy?  Some people and situations add to your energy because it is a resonate frequency and adds energy rather than distracting energy from you.  A persons aura is the field of your personal energy which surrounds you and shines where ever you go, with whomever you share space, and can't be hidden from those that wish to see it.  When you walk into a room, you take your aura, and as you approach others, it will respond to those with like energy, and will pull back from those with disharmonous energy, so we say we like this one and dislike that one, yes? 


Collectively we have a human consciousness, made up of my consciousness, your consciousness, and everyones consciousness.  As we grow and our consciousness is more attuned to flowing Source energy, Love, unconditional Love, we add this prescious positive Loving energy to the total human consciousness of our world, Mother Earth.  If like energy attracts like energy, then the more positive, unconditional Loving hearts that exist upon this planet, will attract more to want and be this unconditional Love, that shines from within our hearts.  Sooner than later the total human consciousness will change to flow more unconditional Love, and we will begin to experience a reality of Heaven on Earth.  Believe this is true?  Please, if you can visualize this kind of Loving existence for our world, and it will come to pass, we have the power once we can find unconditional Love within our own hearts and allow it to shine in our lives for all to see. 


Blessings to us one and all.



Whatever the question Love is the answer
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 23, 2008 - 2:39AM #22
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I am truly humbled and honored to be among conscious people who walk the walkrather than talk the talk.

The older I get, the more I realize how truely little I do know as a finite being.

What I do realize is through walking the path to ever increasing consciousness I do experience Heaven on Earth in each and every day. Happiness is a journey and nothing more to me: a journery of ever expanding consciousness.

And it is through this ever expanding consciousness we allow ourselves to see or own piece of divinity in others and mirrow image back to them theirn pieces of greatness through which they are enabled to continue their path to becoming conscious in an unconsdious world.

My understanding of the precept of uncondtional love is that there is no such thing as love has no conditions.  So my simple prefered methof of stating this would be love, love.

I experience infinite love with gratitude for all no matter what. Extending  to others along the path as often as we can and as often as they can allow without attacking that part of themselves they see in us for their own happiness.

Be gentle with yourself and as Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in others" and I add the world around you will change.
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 23, 2008 - 3:40AM #23
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To me an important, vital ingredient to becoming conscious and living in the viewable consciousness is releasing the past.  Put an e for energy on the word past and we have the word paste.

Do we really want to choose to paste to ourselves the past, or to move on and use our energy to continue a successful climb up our ladder of consciousness?

We can choose to successfully placed step after step until we become the consciousness from which we can then offer the same to others as we  steadily and firmly climb our ladder of consciousness.

Rather than  paste our energy to long ago illusions needeing release again,we may placing our energy to those on the rungs below for a helping hand up or help steady those just above us during their climb should they should start to falter a mite for whatever reason(s).  Not hard to assist those above or below, just takes conscious effort of a conscious person willing to do each little piece of work to enable eventually for all to become conscious.

Before I refreshed my physical body with sleep earlier, I had a vision to share with all.I call it Releasing the Past in a Purple Ring Of Fire. It was brief and I will expand upon it.  Call this a guided visual meditation.

are in a field of  newly mowed hay.  Each and every strand of hay
represents regrets from the past long needing disposal.

The day is bright with much comforting warmth from the sun as the the fall sets in.

you mental hands Creator has blessed with healing powers, you face them
upwards to the powers that be  receiving permission for this
clearing out as you are endeared with special blessings in you, around
you and beyond you.

You feel and see the intensity of infinite consciousness  as your hands turn violet as you connect your inner power long ago lain aside for whatever reason(s) which matter not in the here and now.
With roundness being the symbol of wholeness, this is a round field in which you have prepared yourself for this consciousness clearing exercise.  You are ready to do this.

in a deep breath allowing for the infusion of Creator/Consciousness to work through
you, you gather some of the hay in the center, the exact center into one round shaped ball in your hands.
As you silently and powerlessly rise above the field of regrets and past longings for what can not be or could not be, you
firmly and steadily release this in-taken breath onto the already
formed round ball/bundle or sphere of regrets....everything and anything
from the past no longer needed or wanted by you.

exhale the breath gently and slowly onto the sphere of what is to be
eliminated from your life.  None of this is needed and performs no
useful function.

Slowly but steadily this sphere/bag/ball of regrets circles
around in a circular pattern  encompassing each and every piece of hay
as the sphere becomes larger.  It becomes its own power of conscius movement.

Let your inner vision guide you and just watch to see the size this sphere takes on. 

The sphere works it's way around and around picking up each and every strand of the past leaving none behind.

the pick up is complete, the sphere turns purple with the sacred power
of Creator or created consciousness, and it is set brightly afire.  Again the size of the fire
will depend upon the regrets contained within.. 

Consumed by the fire from Creator/created consciousness the smoke is up-taken by the powers always available to you in a conscious state during which they are  cleanse, purified, and recycle into positive energy to be used elsewhere as it disappears in a puff.

The energy once called regrets has not been released by you.

Use you power of mind to not call this back to you by thinking of it.  If you do due to past
conditioning, you can easily once again perform this cleansing ritual
and again free yourself from what you needlessly choose to paste onto the present disallowing for a consciously lived life.

realize it is within your sphere of life to leave  behind that which
has no healthy or positive influence in your life today.

You have worked with your power you knew not you had.
You have also allowed the power of the illusions
to be dissipated.

You realize you have no more illusions about the past and this has no further control over you in the here and now.

Give thanks to the taking back of your own power as you release to Creator/God that which is only to be used for the good in its transmutation.
This transmutation allows the unconsciously lived life with no value except for the lessons learned to become consciously lived life on your journey of happiness and fulfillment.
you  find remnants of these consciously released thoughts begin a return, allow for the release again of the old, long gone non useful
illusions by simply saying "Cancel these thoughts" and simply redirect your thoughts to where they are best used in your climb up the consciousness ladder.
Hey these pieces of consciousness have been there all the time, just awaiting a concious inclusion into your reawakened life.

If tears come,  let them flow.  Tears are the beginning of healing.

Take my love and compassion and if need be contact me and we can talk.

I honor and bow to your path.
Namaste and Greetings to your new life.

You will retain the lessons you  have learned with the wisdom available in a moments notice as your heart and your compassion are extended towards yourself by this extending to others the internal extension of your internal climb to consciousnesses.
Be gentle with yourself and as Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in others" and I add the world around you will change.
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 23, 2008 - 9:30AM #24
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I, for one, put all my best efforts into life.  Spirituality is not a journey for the feint of heart. 

As an analogy, driving is about being courteous and kind to others on the road.  How many travel that way?  Don't we find more people speeding along with no concern for anyone but themselves - their timing, etc.? 

Driving is about acknowledging the pitfalls and learning how to maneouver around them.  If we are speeding through life, we are not very cognizant of anything but our point A and B and getting there in the shortest possible time.  Do we want to live life like that?

I often say, when someone cuts me off, I wonder if they would want my place in the grace as quickly?

God bless, J


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10 years ago  ::  Jan 23, 2008 - 12:49PM #25
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Profound, my friend...profound.  Thank you.

"place in the grace" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO



Be gentle with yourself and as Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in others" and I add the world around you will change.
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10 years ago  ::  Jan 24, 2008 - 11:04PM #26
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Help!!  Anyone!.

Why do I continue to drive myself insane with thinking I can influence other to be more caring when it it not in their nature.  What am I missing other than common sense?

Blessings to all,


Be gentle with yourself and as Gandi said: "Be the change you want to see in others" and I add the world around you will change.
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