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    Heart Centered Self-Directed Personal Growth

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    ...Is To Be Served As Little As Possible And To Serve Others As Much As Possible -Tolstoy
    This DG is dedicated to Tolstoy's words. Expect the unexpected. If your heart hurts for what you have lost, let it rejoice for what you have found. Be gentle with yourself and others for this creates an inner landscape of life lived in love, contentment and joy.
    The energy of all will be appreciated and validated. Questions and feedback in this DG will be posed respectfully. This is the only guideline.
    With gentleness, respect and love, we will address a multitude of subjects while guarding those of us who, for whatever reason might seem in a fog.
    May today be the day we realize where our real securities lie.
    Let today's blessings be acknowledged as the new ones begin.

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