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    These are troubled times. We all have problems and challenges. Many of us are beset with worries, fear and grief. But we also have the innate ability to not just cope with our problems, but to be proactive in our own healing, problem solving and personal growth. Join me, Rev. Vic Fuhrman, on a journey of self-healing and recovery from life's difficult moments. It is time to heal ourselves and take responsibility for enhancing our lives. Heal Thy Self is place for sharing our stories and supporting each other. I noticed that when I ran Heal Thy Self together, it spelled out "Healthy Self". This is our achieve the healthy self. Everyone welcome. Please note: It is my belief that all forms of spiritual healing are meant as compliments to and not substitues for traditional western medicine. Anyone seeking spiritual healing should also continue to be seen and treated by his or her physician.

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    I have been trying to quit smoking on and off for 17 yrs. Nothing has worked! I try cold turkey and could only manage a few hours. What am I doing wrong. I'm only 37 and already have chronic bronchitis.

    June 25, 2011
    7:00 PM
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