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    Spiritual Mood: Resigned
    Status: I am married with four grown children and seven grandchildren.
    Faith: Jewish

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    may you have deepest well being, happiness, and joy.

    April 5, 2009
    2:51 AM
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    There is much negative activity in the world that needs our loving attention and dialog. I would suggest we not allow the Group Finding Common Ground Between Muslims & Jews to die. Please join me in exploring avenues of commonality that furthers a peaceful co-existence. Thank you. Ev

    November 30, 2008
    12:28 AM
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    Thanks Habesor I want to thank you for our conversations as NJlee.and SaintSaltan of late. I always appreciated your erudite comments. I have left Beliefnet over a dispute where the Muslim boards were allowed to operate under Islamic rules rather than those of Beliefnet. I wish you well and invite you to join faithfullee on or you can email me at Bye and God Bless NJlee

    March 30, 2008
    11:02 PM
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