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    One of my finer articles in a long time

    Saturday, October 1, 2011, 3:12 PM [Joy & Happiness]

    I would have posted the entire article here, then again, it becomes duplication and that would lose it's charm. So I thought I would rather post a quick link to my latest piece, the one that I personally feel is good. It has been quiet some time that I was so fired up and inspired to write something that I would personally be impressed by my own work. Not that I am a perfectionist. I definitely like to write something that is more than satisfactory. 

    So instead of wasting more time, here is the link to the main article. You are all encouraged to read and comment, here or over there at the main article page. Your feedback will keep my spirits high and encourage me to write more usefull and interesting articles. 

    For link to article, please click the image below:

    What if?

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    Three Monkey Syndrome

    Monday, September 26, 2011, 9:38 AM [General]

    Here is extract from one of my earlier blogs. I have just copied the smaller version to keep it amusing. It is not plagarism, I am just recycling some of my better work here. :) Hope you enjoy it. 


    In my younger days, I was taught the lessons learnt from the famous ‘three monkeys’. I always wondered how come we have to learn from monkeys. Aren’t we supposed to be more intelligent than them?

    Well never challenged the authority and still I don’t. I have realised that it’s better to find your own simpler ways of understanding life rather than conforming or confronting the established belief system.

    In modern times I see people suffering from something that always took me long to explain. By the time the explanation was over, listeners and readers would lose interest.

    Last night, I had inspiration that gave me the following interpretation of the three monkeys in modern times. Rather then they representing wisdom, they represent the lack of it. They still remain the wise monkeys but by mocking what we are doing, these monkeys are reflecting our mistakes and the pain that we suffer from that. So here is the new interpretation:


    • The monkey with mouth covered: Speak no Evil
    • The monkey with ears covered: Hear no Evil
    • The monkey with eyes covered: See no Evil

    My Version:

    First of all I call it as the “Three Monkey Syndrome”. All those who are suffering can be labelled as suffering this three monkey syndrome:

    • The monkey with mouth covered: I won’t express my true feelings
    • The monkey with ears covered: I won’t listen to the message from Universe
    • The monkey with eyes covered: I won’t see the reality

    Well this inspiration is pretty new and I guess I will need to refine it further more.
    Till then, hope you enjoy this different interpretation of three monkeys and maybe contribute towards refining it and making it more contemporary.

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    Glad to have found this site

    Monday, September 26, 2011, 4:09 AM [General]

    Extremely thrilled to, finally, be able to come here and create my account. I was recommended this site almost a year ago. 

    I am excited and look forward to lear a lot from other members alongside sharing my stories and journey. I am sure, it will be an enchanting experience. 

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    How I understand GOD

    Monday, September 26, 2011, 4:02 AM [General]

    Many years ago, as kid, I happen to hears something that has stayed with me. In fact in many ways, it shaped my evolution as more contemperary and complete human then many of my generation. 

    It was a discourse by one of the most influential spiritual teacher of India, Shri Pandurang Shashtri Athavale. I can't remember most of that discourse. However, what I remember is profound. He may not have come up with explanation, maybe he did. However, the definition he gave in that discourse has shaped my life. 

    GOD = Generator, Operator, Destroyer.

    Symbolic it may seem but I could immediately relate that to the great Hindu belief of Trimurti. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva(Mahesh). As believed by most Hindus, Brahma is the father, the creator. Vishnu the Son, the operator and Shiva, the holy spirit, the destroyer. Each of the prime three deities were worshiped, together as one. 

    Through formal education, the very principles of energy were explained to us. Energy is something that cannot be created, nor destroyed. It just changes the form. Thus further more intriguing me in religion, as form of explaining complex science in more exiomatic form. Unfortunately, as with most of the religions, the sceintific aspect as such was lost and what remained was ritualism.

    This ritualism led me on a bizzarre journey, till date, to discover, if possible, an acceptable understanding of human life through the confinements of religion, soceity, belief and many a times ignorance. 

    I hope and wish to share some of my personal views and journey here with like minded people. Please, spare me from fundamental, archtypical belief systems. As I no longer subscribe to any particular structured religion nor my understanding of GOD is in confined to any scriptures. 

    Most of what I believe and share with others is based purely on my own experience, exploration, thinking and reasoning. You are welcome to share the journey and joy. 

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