Sunday, August 14, 2011, 7:03 PM [General]

       We all like to think we do a pretty good job of obeying God.  We say " I never stole anything" or "I haven't killed anyone."  We pull out the big ticket items like this, thinking it makes us a good person.  OK!  Let's look deeper.  What about that ridiculous company policy that everyone snickers about and ignores?  What about the speed limit?  Ever do that five miles over you know the cops always give you (SO guilty here)?  How about when you KNOW that God is asking you to be nice to someone, but that person just keeps annoying you and pushing your buttons?  We all fail, and we have an enemy who is just waiting to take advantage of those times.  Maybe, we need to remember to pray for God's help in all things, especially the small things.  In a way, the small things are training us to be able to handle the big things.  And you never know who's life the small things will impact.

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    My Lighthouse

    Sunday, August 14, 2011, 7:02 PM [General]

       She is my lighthouse, and by her light, I will always reach shore.  For she is my home, my safe harbor.  No matter how long I am required to be out at sea, when it is finally time to return home, the light of her love will guide me back.
         Her bright love can cut through all the fog of life to lead me home.  Even though cruel terrible rocks hem her in on all sides, I will drive straight through.  If my ship is dashed on the rocks, I will swim to her.  Even if sharks fill the waters, I will brave it.  Bloodied, bruised and torn, I will reach her shore and HER arms, My Love.
         She is my lighthouse.

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    Life in the Pool - Shallow End or Deep End

    Sunday, August 14, 2011, 7:01 PM [General]

     Jesus tells a parable about a manager who is going away and gives each of his employees an certain number of "talents" (large quantity of money). All but one put theirs to use and double what they were given.  They were commended by the manager upon his return for their good use of what they had been given.  The last one however buried his talent in a hole, afraid that it would be lost, stolen or wasted.  He was treated harshly for wasting his opportunity and the single talent was taken from him.  So what do we do with this story.
         The one who buried the talent in a hole is like someone who goes to the public pool and only stays in the shallow end.  Not much going on there.  That's where the the children play.  Yeah, you can have fun playing with the kids for a while, but is that really why you came.  The problem with the shallow end is that there is no risk.  Even worse, with no risk, there is no gain.  Everything worth doing is happening in the deep end - real swimming, chicken fights, diving for things, ALL deep end fun. But instead we stay in the shallow end and pretend we are having fun.  Do you know anyone like this - only playing at real life. 
         The person in the parable who buried his talent is like someone who is given a gift by God, but is so afraid to fail that they refuse to use their gifts, and end up touching no one.  By refusing to even try, they do far worse than fail, they fail to truly live.
         What is so great about the deep end, you may ask?  It is Dangerous.  It is Risky.  It is Raw, Wild, Uncertain.  Yes, it is all these things and so much more.  It is daring, exciting, and as the book "Wild at Heart" would tell us, it is adventure! God desires that we risk all that we are on Him.  What if we risk all and our "investment" in His Kingdom seems to bottom out?  Sometimes it seems that way, at least from the worlds perspective.  We may never see any of what God produces through our efforts.  Ask your self though, is that why we did it. Simply to see our efforts come to fruit, and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done?
         Let me share God's eternal perspective.  Paul reminds us in 1 Cor. 3 that some are given the job of planting the seed, other watering it, and still others to harvest, but it is God alone who makes the seed grow.  Always remember that God promises that when His Word (or any act of kindness done in Jesus' name) goes out it always returns with a profit.
         As you live your life, always remember to swim in the deep end.  Live and love life, risk greatly is Jesus's  name.

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    My first Blog

    Sunday, August 14, 2011, 6:59 PM [General]

    Wow!  My first Blog!  I am Dan, and I have no idea who you are, or if anyone is even out there.  I know that God is, and I guess that is enough.


         We want faith to be safe.  It is anything but! It is like walking a high wire, with no net in sight. Or like when our father stands in the deep end of the pool and asks us to jump into his arms.  We know he loves us, but what if he can't (or won't) catch us? True freedom only comes when faith transforms us from passive to active; BOLDLY leaping in faith into His arms, knowing that no matter how far the leap or how much the drop, His loving arms will ALWAYS catch us!

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