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    The full purpose of members of this group, besides visiting others pages and making persons day by doing random acts of kindness-ie.posting nice comments on a journal, email or blog when you see the need is that we members can also share-exchange the results of these as a group, perhaps even offering eachother helpful suggestions.
    That is the purpose of this group and also to be
    open to any and all wonderful results of the same.

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    Friends, I ask the Lord, to Bless your lives, with all your needs being met. That you have good health and never want for anything. You'll always have food to eat, shoes on your feet, clothes on your back, and a heart filled with joy. May your Guardian Angels always stand beside you, to lead you to the Light and Love of Christ Jesus. Much love, hugs and Kisses Too! Jeffers Angel

    January 21, 2012
    12:15 AM
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    As a Swedenbogian Minister, we believe very much in the reality of angels. I am excited about a series we have that starts this coming weekend- November 28th. You can see the trailer at ...

    November 22, 2010
    7:32 PM
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    That is so wonderful+ exactly the kind of prayers I need now too - God bless you Tillie+ pray without ceasing!

    July 31, 2010
    4:06 AM
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    Just wanted to give a praise report. God answered prayer and my son won custody of my grandson. I had asked for prayer and beliefnet responded and prayed too. I am just one grateful grandma today! God bless you people of faith and prayers.

    July 29, 2010
    2:11 PM
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