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    There are many Pagans around you, but most of them fear repression if they let it known that they are Pagan. Like Jews in past ages, Pagans even today have to fear loss of children, jobs and social position if their religion if known. I also attend a Reform Jewish temple. There is a lot of overlap between Judaism -- especially Kabblistic Judaism -- and many Pagan paths. My rabbi has no problem with my Pagan attitudes.

    July 15, 2013
    11:55 PM
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    Lady Raglan coined the term "Green Man" in her 1939 article "The Green Man in Church Architecture" in The Folklore Journal. This refers to sculptures of men and women consisting of vines and other plant life or having them growing out of their faces. Our main work consists of holding Wiccan religious services (we call them rituals) in a number of Texas prisons and publishing a newsletter of Wiccan and other Pagan articles mostly written by inmates in prisons across the U.S. We have training courses and answer letters from inmates. Yes, we are really Pagan.

    March 24, 2011
    1:23 AM
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    I have been to a Reform Jewish meeting before and I liked it, they seemed down to earth. I have never met a real Pagan and known they were Pagan. I read lots of books about Paganism and Wiccan I understand some things, not all. I adore the name Greenman since I studied Gary R. Varners books on Folk Lore.

    March 23, 2011
    3:21 PM
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