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    How Do I See?

    Friday, July 9, 2010, 4:07 PM [General]

    by Cheryl Nordyke, Co-Owner, Waves of Gratitude

    Two women are sitting in a park watching their children play on the playground.  One of the other children on the play ground walks over to where the two women’s children are playing with trucks in the sand box.  They smile at each other proud of how their children are letting this new child into their circle of play.  The boy’s mom sits on a bench down from where they are sitting very attentive and aware of what her son is doing.   After a while the mom gets up and walks over to where the children seem to be having a good time and holds her hand out to her son.  She takes him aside and hands him a ball.  She points to the grass and the boy runs off with the ball.  The other two mothers give each other a confused look.  One thinks, “Is he too good to play with my son?”  The other mom assumes he must play soccer and she wants him to practice.  While the boy’s mom wonders, “Will he ever fit in when he can’t hear?”   Her heart aches as she saw the boys asking him questions and he didn’t respond, so she decided it would be best for him to just go play with the ball.

    In life we see the world through the eyes of our own life experiences.  If we are from a divorced family and have been subject to individuals that aren’t honest we may see through eyes of doubt.  If we were raised by a loving family with close friends that always trusted us we may be more trusting.  If we have had a mixed life experience we may see the potential of good while still staying alert to the potential of mistrust.  We then combine our own self growth with our life experience.  For example, are we aware of how we have allowed our thoughts and experiences to affect our present and how do we want to take the part that is good and discard the part that is bad?

    I made a comment on Facebook to a post by Marvin Towler that each day I want to be a better version of myself.  He responded, “I believe that we are whole, complete, and perfect. So for me the practice is to not be better, but rather reveal more of my divine nature each day.”  From his comment I realized rather than be better I could be just be more.  For me, by removing better, that eliminates the potential of one day being worse.  This keeps me in a positive state of growth. 

    From being open to learn and hear other individual interpretations of life and situations we only hold ourselves down from growing.  Our ego sometimes wants to be right, to know the answers, to supply the solutions.  Our soul however grows so much more when it is open and willing to understand another view point, to hear a different perspective.  Our lives are a journey and we have the potential to see so much more. 

    Had the mothers in the park been open to see more, they may have noticed the boy’s mom sign to her son.  There could have been an opportunity for their children to learn sign language and to be able to play with the boy.  Once a day step out of your life, reflect on your day, and see if there is potential to grow.  Listen to others to understand what they see.  Ask questions and broaden your life experience.  We may not all interpret the world through the same eyes, yet we can all learn through the eyes of the world.

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    People Living with Purpose

    Thursday, May 13, 2010, 11:41 AM [General]

    By Cheryl Nordyke, Co-Owner, Waves of Gratitude


    “What is my purpose?”  There is a point in most of our lives that we ponder this question.  We stop and look at our careers, family and life choices and ask ourselves what it is all for.  For each of us the point at which this question presents itself varies.  For me I have had it as long as I can remember.  At different stages in my life the answer has changed.   However, for others this question presents itself at events that affect or change our situations.  Milestone birthdays, career changes, tragedy or a loss creates a desire to understand our purpose. 


    Women like Michelle Renee, featured in the Women’s Conference “How I Did It” section decided to redefine her life after going through a bank robbery with her daughter.  Convinced to make a difference, she has created an organization called “Rock to Stop Violence” in an effort to bring the community together for non-violence through rock & roll music, art, and fashion.  For Mary Ann Wasil Nilan it happened after surviving breast cancer, a stroke and all the treatments and surgeries that went along with it. She decided to make a difference.  She started the Get In Touch Foundation whose purpose is to educate young girls and women about the importance of self breast examinations.  Today they are making a difference in the lives of girls all across America.  Women like this realized they have the power to create change, to make a difference.  Irene Owens Johnson having helped with the Walkers For Knockers Avon Breast Cancer Team fell in love with making a difference and this year launched Commit To Give New England.  Irene in her spare time discovers local charity events, and with the use of the Internet and the many tools available informs people that want to be involved in giving and aren’t sure how to go about it. 


    Everyday, in every town and city across the world people at some point stop and ask themselves what is my purpose, why am I here?  Our company was born because of it and we received an investor because of it.  Lives are changed and people begin to inspire others when they realize that living a life of purpose and passion has so much more value then just having a career or job.  For some purpose is their family, their church, or their local community.  For others is it providing new technology like Bill Gates.  The reality is only we know what our purpose is and when it is the right time for us to pursue it.  In order to fulfill the purpose we must start with hope.  Hope enables us to start a non profit, start a company, and risk ourselves and our finances.  We have hope that our vision and our dream will affect others.  If we look at individuals that represent change, positive ideas, inspiration, within each of them lives hope and purpose. 


    So if you are at a point in your life that you are wondering what is my purpose and what are my hopes.  Then maybe your time has come to redefine yourself and your life.  Find your purpose.  Have hope.  


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    Get In Touch - A Relationship of Hope

    Thursday, January 21, 2010, 11:40 AM [General]

    The human mind is an incredibly powerful phenomenon to me.  It has the ability to feel the entire spectrum of emotions spontaneously but can also instruct itself, albeit sometimes with great effort, to change its thought pattern and think or feel something else.  Sometimes the things we know, the mind has to remind itself it already has that information stored up there and should use it at the needed time.

    This is a topic Cheryl and I have talked about extensively in the last week and that we are putting into action in order to accomplish what we feel is a very worthwhile goal for 2010.  I won’t call it a resolution, because sometimes that gets lumped in with less significant changes we want to make such as losing 10 pounds or becoming more organized. While those may be worthwhile personal resolutions our goal is intended to make a difference for many people by starting with just one girl.

    Our goal: Raise $150,000 for the Get In Touch Foundation.  We met Mary Ann Wasil Nilan more than a year ago and heard her amazing story of breast cancer survival.  There was a connection that can probably only be explained as woman-to-woman or mother-to-mother.  We kept tabs on Mary Ann over the last year through her newsletter, emails and blogs and became increasingly impressed with what one woman could do to start a wave of change in the way women are educated about breast self exam, and she started this by focusing her efforts on educating young girls to make a life long habit that could impact the lives of many others.  We know that the reach that one life has on another’s cannot be measured when you think of all of the relationships one woman has: daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend, wife, mentor, teacher…

    So how are we going to raise $150,000 for the Get In Touch Foundation?
    Waves of Gratitude will be donating $3 from the sale of every one of our Branches of Hope necklaces to Mary Ann’s organization.  That means for every one we sell, 3 girls will get a Daisy Wheel and have the opportunity to be educated and begin a life long process that could save their lives.

    I have not created any personal resolutions this year.  Sure I want to lose 10 pounds and be more organized, and make many other personal improvements, but my number one focus is going to have a much greater impact because these efforts are being combined with my business partner and friend, Cheryl, the Get In Touch Foundation which has many, many supporters, and a host of others who want to see an end to breast cancer.  With the power behind all these minds to focus on this goal and by adding together the many smaller contributions of individuals, this time next year we will be expressing our gratitude for not only reaching, but exceeding our goals.

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    Finding Strength from Within

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 6:02 AM [General]

    Somedays I feel so overwhelmed and wonder how can I do it all. I had a day like that yesterday. However, when I step back and look around from an outside perspective, I realize how much I do have control over my own life, my own actions, my own feelings. A good friend (who happens to be my business partner too) helped me see that. I couldn't help but feel simply grateful that I do have choices and when I draw from within myself even deeper, and pray for the Lord to make up the difference,  I am able to do all things  This is how we're made. We were created to be happy and to help others find meaning and happiness in their lives.

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    Friday, July 11, 2008, 10:03 PM [General]

    According to the dictionary the word advocate means:


    1: one that pleads the cause of another; 2: one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal3: one that supports or promotes the interests of another We are in search of advocates.  Individuals who understand how important it is to be grateful for what we have.  People who realize our tomorrow hasn’t happened and we can begin to shape the future we want one thought, one action at a time.  Life comes at us so fast sometimes we forget this.  That was our reason for creating the Waves of Gratitude and Branches of Hope jewelry. We created this jewelry to remind us that when we doubt or when we forget just how much our attitude and thoughts affect us, it can bring us back to where we can create the lives we want. They were created to give as a gift to those we appreciate, support, believe in, depend on and love to let them know that they are appreciated. There have been numerous studies throughout time trying to determine which is a better motivator, money or recognition.  Research has shown while money is important, especially in today’s economy, recognition is still the number one motivator for employees. These pieces of solid sterling jewelry symbolize gratitude through the use of the natural beauty of an ocean wave.  The purpose of the wave is to represent the constant movement of the tide in and out.  Gratitude moves in the same way.  When you share your appreciation for someone they are moved by that action and you have begun the ripple.  Behind every wave is a ripple.   The other piece of jewelry we had designed represents the strength and hope that lies within everyone.  The Branches of Hope pendant symbolizes our ability to withstand the challenges we must face.  To realize how those challenges can make us more beautiful within and give us strength we may have never found.  If you know of anyone that lives their lives according to these principles please share the story of this jewelry with them.  We are on a quest to find people to not only wear our jewelry and be an advocate, yet to share our message.  We want others to find the moments in their lives just as we have to be grateful and focus on those so they can see the life they want and to be grateful for what will be.   We thank each person that reads this message and shares our story.  Please stop by our site at and share your story of gratitude.  Help us in our quest for advocates.  Many thanks. 



    371d36d75e05eda735858f8e467be99cWe are in search of advocates.  Individuals who understand how important it is to be grateful for what we have.  People who realize our tomorrow hasn’t happened and we can begin to shape the future we want one thought, one action at a time.  Life comes at us so fast sometimes we forget this. 
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