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    Hi Grassroots!

    September 4, 2011
    4:52 PM
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    JUST ME AGAIN... WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO BE IN SWITZERLAND?? I am ready to book my trip..please write back soon with the details - thanks!

    October 18, 2009
    2:51 AM
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    Hello Again-regarding a premiere showing of "The Human Experience" in Vienna: -to see how the cinema (kino) looks! click on the "partner" link to see all the affiliations-ORF is the main TV station here-they of course speak english too. this should be the place for your premiere. Back in the 1960's this was the cool place where all the new film premieres were shown. Now it still has that kind of artistic atmosphere and is really eclectic in their selection too. i know someone there i talked to who works there and also showed films at (URANIA) cinema, where those for the Viennale Film Festival was held.. I would be happy to see what more I could do but you could also contact them at: - Katharina Sekulic - Presse/Marketing ...this was the address-number listed on their page. Phone: 43-1-526 59 47-16 The U-Bahn Paper (subway train)-called: "HEUTE" would be a great place to list this event as EVERYONE riding the train usually picks up a free copy of this-and reads what is going on! these are located all throughout-overall in Vienna. the man holding the cross is an extreme politician wanting to keep certain foreign races out. talk to Michael Hufnagl-in the "Leben"-means "Living" dept...he is very nice and did an article on my husband and I (who are in music-tourism)-in July,2006. Hufnagl Kurier - 43 1 521 00-0 (ext. 2788)-Michael Hufnagl--- If he is not exactly the right reporter, he will know who is. I believe he should want to help you. He is a very good writer too. ACCOMODATIONS-WHERE TO STAY: right here by where we live is nice-by the United Nations-and the Danube (Donauinsel area)..10 minutes to the center-and also to the Gartenbau kino (cinema)...there are reasonable places here on: Wagramer Strasse. Hotel Accor or one of these is ok to stay at-reasonable..there are more reasonable too..then there are also alot of pensions... If you would like a translation for anything at all, or that I make a call, just ask me and tell me what dates you might be available to arrive? YOU JUST HAVE TO COME TO VIENNA-the life aids ball was last week with Bill there is always something important going on-and nothing is more important-or necessary now than getting a premiere for your film! Once again, Good Luck-as they say,3x is the charm! Theresamarie

    May 22, 2009
    3:36 PM
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